enable.me clients - A PocketSmith guide

Have you recently set up a PocketSmith account through enable.me? We've designed this user guide to give you an overview of all you need to know about how PocketSmith works alongside your enable.me programme. Have a read to help you get startedđź‘Ś

In this user guide 

How enable.me & PocketSmith work together

PocketSmith is online money management software built in New Zealand, and is used in 190 countries worldwide. Our company was founded in 2008, and its mission is to help people build better relationships with their money. PocketSmith is comprehensive and highly flexible and is designed to manage a wide variety of personal financial situations.

enable.me's mission is to help their clients get in control of their money, out of debt faster, growing wealth quicker. As an enable.me client, the version of PocketSmith you're using today has adjustments specifically requested by enable.me that enables integration with the NestEgg software as well as the overall enable.me program. You can use PocketSmith to see and interact with the budgets and financial goals that have been created for you with your enable.me coach.

Those on the enable.me program will have a different PocketSmith experience to a regular PocketSmith user. PocketSmith for regular users is overall, a user-driven experience, allowing the flexibility to enter your own data and cater for a wide variety of personal financial situations. Whereas, PocketSmith for enable.me has been specifically designed to integrate with your enable.me coaching programme and the budgets, goals, and milestones as discussed and agreed with your expert coach.

Using bank feeds in PocketSmith

Setting up bank feeds

PocketSmith tracks all of your bank transactions and balances in one place by linking to your bank accounts with its bank feed system. Bank feeds are a fundamental feature in PocketSmith as they automatically keep your information up-to-date so you can budget in real-time.

When you first set up a PocketSmith account with your coach, they will help you add your bank feeds and connect your accounts.

As an enable.me client, you're required to add your bank feeds alongside your coach. Even though you will find user guides in our Learn Centre referring to the Account Summary and instructions for adding your own feeds, please bear in mind that this documentation isn't relevant to you because it was created with 'retail' PocketSmith users in mind. If you do have any questions about the initial set-up or which PocketSmith features are available to you, please get in touch with your enable.me coach or the enable.me PocketSmith support team on  [email protected].

Bank feed errors

If you encounter errors with your bank feeds, it's probably because of a hiccup with our bank feed service. It processes millions of updates every day quickly and securely, but sometimes a glitch can occur in the data feed. Although this is not the norm, it can happen and we have a dedicated team here to help resolve them!

We've put together some documentation below to help you understand more about how we use bank feeds to connect your data in PocketSmith; how you can troubleshoot bank feed errors; and what to expect from our bank feed service.

Dealing with bank feed issues:
How bank feeds work and what to expect:

If you strike any issues with your bank feeds that cannot be resolved following the guidelines in our user guide  Troubleshooting bank feed errors, feel free to get in touch. We are always more than happy to help!

Recommendations for using bank feeds

Here are our top three recommendations for using bank feeds in PocketSmith:

It's best to log in to your PocketSmith account at least once a month to keep your bank feeds up to date.
If your bank feed encounters an error, it's often temporary. Please check our Troubleshooting bank feed errors guide to find out more about the different errors that may arise.
If you need to enter additional security information in order for your bank feed to sync, we recommend checking out our user guide: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on bank feeds.

Differences between an enable.me and regular PocketSmith account

  • The Progress Report is a feature available only to enable.me users.
  • The Budget page is available to both enable.me and PocketSmith users however they look slightly different.
  • PocketSmith offers the ability for users to edit their own budgets and categories, but as an enable.me client, your budgets are linked to NestEgg, which means that you must contact your coach if you want to change, create or remove a budget or category.
  • At the request of enable.me, the Calendar, Digest, and Net Worth pages are not visible to enable.me clients.

Our Learn Centre and helpful resources

We have a large Learn Centre with lots of helpful user guides for all of our users. Much of the information in there will be helpful for you too! However, we realize that there are some differences between an enable.me PocketSmith account and a regular PocketSmith account which means some of our Learn material might not be as relevant to you. So, with that in mind, we designed a Learn Centre topic with user guides specific to enable.me clients!

If you think there is something missing, or your question hasn't been answered after reading through, please let us know.

Getting in touch

PocketSmith has a dedicated support team on board to help our users with any questions they might have via email. We're available Monday through Friday, 9am until 5pm New Zealand Time (9pm to 5am UTC, 5pm to 1am EST).

We can help with most support queries relating to your PocketSmith account, however, for any enable.me specific questions, these are best directed to the enable.me PocketSmith support team on [email protected]

If you're unsure, please send us a message and we'll be able to redirect you to your coach or enable.me support if we can't help :)

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