Attachment Inbox

Get a full picture of your finances by adding images and files to your transactions! Attachment inbox lets you email photos, bills, and invoices to your PocketSmith account and attach them to your transactions.

Attachment Inbox overview

Adding attachments to your transactions can be a helpful way to include important information, reminders or memories. PocketSmith lets you send PDF, JPG, or PNG files straight to your own secure PocketSmith inbox. You can then attach these files to transactions. When you email an attachment to PocketSmith, it will appear in your inbox tray - which is accessible from any transaction on the Transactions page. 

As long as your attachment is in either PDFJPG, or PNG format, it's good to go! Once you've uploaded an attachment to a transaction, this transaction will also show on your Timeline

Here are some examples of useful attachments you might like to add to your transactions:

  • 📃  Invoice 
  • 📸  Photo 
  • 📎  Receipt 
  • 💸  Bill 
  • 💊  Prescription
  • 💰  Payslip

Setting up Attachment Inbox

  1. Head to the Transactions page
  2. Click on any transaction to open the Edit transaction window. Then, click on the inbox icon

  3. Click Set up your inbox

  4. In the modal that opens, click  Switch on attachment inbox

  5. PocketSmith has created a secure email address for you to email your attachments to so they can be stored in PocketSmith

  6. Your secure email address has been emailed to you - we recommend logging into your email and saving this address in your contacts so you can easily access it in the future

Sending files and attaching them to transactions

Sending files to your secure email

It's easy to send image files (JPG or PNG) to your PocketSmith account, on-the-go from your Smartphone! Just take a snap with your camera and email it straight to your secure PocketSmith email address (you would have received this email address when first setting up Attachment Inbox). 

In fact, you can send PDF files to this email address too! This can be useful if you'd like to attach important documents to a transaction.

As long as you have saved the secure email address to your email contacts or address book with an easy-to-remember name, you'll be able to quickly send it straight to PocketSmith. 


If you send a file that is not a PDF, JPG or PNG, then PocketSmith won't be able to read this file and won't display it in your PocketSmith account.

Attaching files to a transaction

  1. In PocketSmith, head to the Transactions page
  2. Click on the transaction you'd like to add an attachment to so that the full transaction card is displayed
  3. Select the inbox tray icon, choose the image or PDF you'd like to add, and click Assign

Deleting an attachment from the Attachment Inbox

Occasionally you may want to delete an unwanted attachment from the attachment inbox. To do this:

  1. Head to the Transactions page
  2. Click on a transaction, and select the inbox tray icon
  3. Choose the attachment you'd like to remove, click on the three-dot menu, and select Delete

Turn off Attachment Inbox

  1. Head to  Profile menu > Security & integrations, then choose Attachment inbox

  2. Click Remove attachment inbox

  3. Click OK

Gmail automatic forwarding and the attachment inbox

It isn't possible to enable Gmail automatic forwarding with the PocketSmith attachment inbox. This is due to the requirement from Google to verify the forwarding address.

The verification email that Google sends to your attachment inbox email address doesn't contain the verification in an attachment but within the body of the email. So it isn't possible to retrieve the verification code to enable automatic forwarding.

If you would like us to add support for Google's verification, please let us know via our suggestion form: Let us know how PocketSmith can be improved!

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