Remove a bank from the Account Summary

It's easy to delete a bank from the Account Summary page, this user guide will show you how!

In this user guide

Why would you want to delete a bank?

You might want to delete a bank from your Account Summary page for the following reasons:

  • You close all of your accounts at a bank and you no longer want this bank visible in PocketSmith
  • You want to combine different banks into one

Deleting a bank will delete all of its accounts and bank feeds but if you'd like to keep the accounts, you can choose to move these accounts to another bank during the deletion process.


Deleting a bank from the Account Summary will permanently delete all of the accounts (including their transactions and budgets), as well as any bank feeds within the bank. It isn't possible to restore this data if deleted so make sure you no longer need this information before deleting a bank.

How to delete a bank

Go to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary)
Click on the bank in the sidebar that you'd like to delete
Hover on  Manage in the purple toolbar and select Delete
If you would like to merge the bank accounts and bank feeds into another bank, select another bank from the drop-down menu, but if you want to delete everything, select Delete all feeds and accounts
Click Delete Bank

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