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Our Learn Centre is being updated to reflect our newly rebuilt bank feeds platform, Data Connections. The guide you're looking at may reflect these changes, or it may still need updating.

If the Bank Feeds page (Accounts > Bank Feeds) is not available on your PocketSmith Account, you will first need to migrate to the Data Connections bank feed platform.

If you've migrated to Data Connections, but you haven't been able to find the solution you're after, please get in touch with us!

The Account Summary page (Accounts > Account Summary) allows you to view and manage your accounts, assets, and liabilities within PocketSmith.

Here, you can reorder your accounts, add new bank feeds, import bank files, view and edit the settings on your accounts, or use the date picker to view a snapshot of your accounts on a specific date.

If you have bank feeds, you can also see the status of each of your bank feed accounts. You can check when a bank feed last synced, which accounts are ready to connect, and whether or not there are any connection issues or errors.

In this user guide

Overview of the Account Summary page

We've highlighted the key areas of the Account Summary below:

Bank feeds status

If you have bank feeds connected you'll see your bank feed status at the top of the page. 

  • The status bar will show whether your bank feeds are syncing, synced, or if there are any errors:

  • Click on the arrow to see more detail about when each feed last synced:

Bank feed errors

Any Bank feed errors will show with an orange alert.

  • Click on the downward arrow for more information:

For detail on resolving bank feed errors please see: Troubleshooting bank feed errors

Ready to Link

If you're seeing a ' Ready to Link' section, this means that there are accounts available on your bank feed(s) that have not yet been connected to PocketSmith.

  • Click on GO to see details of the accounts

For each account displayed here, you can choose to:

  • create a new account in PocketSmith, 
  • connect to an existing offline account in PocketSmith, or, 
  • ignore the account.

For more information please see: Establishing your bank feed accounts in PocketSmith

Account cards

Below the Bank feed status, you'll your accounts, as well as assets and liabilities, listed in card format. 

An account card shows the account name and current balance, as well as a snapshot of recent account activity:

Recent activity + forecast graph

The line graph shows the account's recent balance history, as well as the forecast balance for the remainder of the month being viewed. 
Hover over a point in the graph to see the actual balance (for past dates), or the forecast balance (for future dates) for that day.

  • Green in your graph reflects a positive actual balance
  • Red in your graph reflects a negative actual balance
  • Blue in your graph represents a positive forecast balance
  • Brown in your graph represents a negative forecast balance

The income & expense summary

To the right of the graph, you'll see an income expense summary. This summary shows the income and expense totals, and the sum total for the account for the month so far. The circular chart reflects the percentage of income vs expenses. In the above example, expenditure for the month so far is 11% higher than income.

View account transactions

Access the transactions page from the account card in order to see all transactions, or, only uncategorized transactions on the transactions page.

  • To view the transactions within the account just click on the Account name,
  • To view the uncategorized transactions, click XXX UNCATEGORIZED

Edit account preferences

To edit or view the preferences for an account, click MANAGE ACCOUNT

For more detail on editing account preferences, please see: Edit the details of your accounts

Change the display order of your accounts

You're able to change the display order of your accounts using the drag handles in the top left corner of each account. Simply drag and drop the accounts into your preferred order.

Adding a new account from the Account Summary page

Use the toolbar to add a new bank feed account or a new offline account from a bank file.

For more detail please see:

Adding accounts without using bank feeds of bank files:

You may wish to add accounts that don't use bank feeds or bank files, such as cash or manual accounts, or scenario-only accounts.

Options for the Account Summary page

Use the sidebar to view the accounts held with a specific bank, or to view just your assets and liabilities. You can also edit the bank settings, such as the default currency for the bank from here.

Add a new bank

If you want to add an offline account with a new bank, you'll need to create a new bank using the + New bank button first.

For more detail on creating an offline account for a new bank using a bank file, or a manual account check out:

Change the month displayed on the Account Summary page

If you'd like to view a snapshot of your accounts on a different date, you can change the month that is being displayed from the toolbar. Just select the year and month you'd like to see from the date selector, or use the arrows to jump back or forward.

Edit bank feeds

You can edit your bank feeds from the Account Summary page by clicking Edit bank feeds, and selecting the feed you'd like to edit.

Instances where you may need to edit your bank feed include:

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