Unhide an account from the 'Ready to link' section

When you add a bank feed, you will see all of the feed accounts that are available to be added to PocketSmith under the 'Ready to link' section.

If you decided not to add certain accounts to PocketSmith when you initially established your accounts, but have now decided you would like a hidden account to show, you can learn how to unhide the account here.

In this user guide

Unhide an account from a bank feed

Head to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary)

In the purple toolbar, hover over the Edit bank feeds menu


Click on the bank feed for the account you'd like to unhide


In the window that opens, choose Bank feed accounts from the left menu


Hidden accounts will be toggled off in the Unconnected Bank Feed Accounts section. Click the toggle to unhide any hidden account 

These accounts will now appear in the Ready to link section. 
To learn how to relink or add the accounts that are now showing, see: Establishing your bank feed accounts in PocketSmith


If you want to learn how to hide an account from the 'Ready to link' section, please see: Hiding an unlinked account from the Ready to link section

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