Managing your settings

Adjust your PocketSmith settings to get your account set up just how you need it!

Take a look at the Settings tab from the PocketSmith menu. From here you can manage your subscription plan, change your password, enable 2FA, and a whole lot more. It's super easy to configure your email notifications, join our Beta tester group, and set options for your transactions.

Just getting started?

Be sure to have a good browse of your User Preferences (Profile > User preferences) to disable features and enable others!

Quick Answers

I think my account is based in the wrong country, what should I do?

If your PocketSmith account is defaulting to a currency that does not match your location please get in touch and we’ll get you sorted!

How do I change my email preferences?

Change your email preferences by heading to Profile menu > User preferences > Email preferences. Learn more here: PocketSmith email options

If no longer want to receive PocketSmith’s Digest email, you’ll need to log in to your account to make this change. PocketSmith's digest emails are transactional or relationship messages - informing you of your account information - rather than promotional emails, and as such do not require an unsubscribe button within the email.

I want to start again, can I reset my account?

You can reset your account via the Settings menu. There are a few different reset options, including just removing budgets but keeping your bank feeds connected and transaction history.

Head to Profile menu > User Preferences > Account reset options. Just be sure to read over the options carefully, as the reset options are irreversible! You can learn more here: Options for resetting your PocketSmith account.

How do I change my subscription plan?

You can change your PocketSmith plan at any time! Learn about this here: Changing your PocketSmith subscription

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