PocketSmith email options

You can opt-in to receive a variety of emails from PocketSmith based on the information you are interested in. You can change your email preferences at any time (for security reasons, we are not able to make these changes on your behalf). Read below to learn how to update your email notification settings.

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Email options


These are occasional updates about PocketSmith - like new features or tips about how to better use the app. You can select or deselect either or both of these options:

  • Yes, please send me an update every now and then
  • Yes, occasionally send me tips on how to make the most of PocketSmith

Financial digest 

The financial digest emails contain a summary of earning and spending for the past week, as well as letting you know of any new transactions that need to be categorized. These emails are delivered every Monday at 9am.

Bill reminder emails

Bill reminder emails are an optional beta feature that will only be displayed and available in your Email Preferences if you are already set up as a beta tester.

Account update emails

Receive email updates about your budgets, recent transactions and account balances in PocketSmith. You can choose what time and on what days of the week you would like to receive them.

Changing email preferences or unsubscribing 

Head to  Settings User Preferences >  Email notifications
Choose the email preferences that suit you by either selecting or deselecting the appropriate checkboxes

If you'd like to stop receiving emails from PocketSmith entirely, make sure all checkboxes are deselected
Click Save

Setting up scheduled account-update emails

PocketSmith can send account-update emails to your email address, on a schedule that you set. You can include your balances, recent transactions, upcoming budgets and payments, and how you're tracking against your budgets. 

Follow the steps below to set up these emails.

Head to the  Settings menu and select  User Preferences 
Choose Email notifications from the side panel
Tick the  Send scheduled account updates via email checkbox to show further email notification options
Select the information you would like to receive in each email
Then, set the time of day, and days of the week you'd like to receive an account update email
Click Save


If you change your email scheduling in the future, you may still receive emails on the old schedule for up to one week after the change, in addition to the newly scheduled ones

What to do if you are not receiving emails from PocketSmith

If you are not receiving password reset or other emails from PocketSmith, this may be due to the emails being blocked by your email provider or being sent to the spam folder.

To prevent the emails from being blocked or placed in the spam folder, you should add the email address [email protected] to your contacts list. The instructions for adding an email to the contact list for the main email providers are below.

Once you have added the address to your contacts list, try having the email sent again.

If you are still not receiving emails from PocketSmith after adding the email address to the contact list, please get in touch with our support team via  [email protected]

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