Viewing the forecast calendar in an external application or website

You can send your PocketSmith forecast calendar to Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and any other application that can subscribe to the Webcal format 📆

Sending your forecast calendar to an external app

  1. Head to User Preferences ( Profile menu > User preferences)
  2. Select  Export data from the left sidebar and tick Enable Webcal sharing

  3. Select either Export all available scenarios or Pick scenarios to export depending on which calendars you want to see on your external calendar

  4. Click the Copy URL to Clipboard 
  5. Paste the URL into your calendar website or application

Each calendar website and application has a different way of adding the Webcal link. You can find links for instructions to a few of the common ones below:

Resetting the Webcal Key

If you need to reset your webcal key for security reasons:

  1. Head to User Preferences ( Profile menu > User preferences)
  2. Select Export data from the left sidebar and click Reset Webcal Key

  3. To continue sharing your PocketSmith calendar with an external app or website after resetting the Webcal key, you must update these with the new Webcal address. Copy the new URL and paste it into your external calendar application or website as necessary

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