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PocketSmith has a variety of exportable reports to help analyze your financial activity!

The Income & Expense statement

The Income & Expense statement is similar to a business Profit & Loss statement, but for your personal finances πŸ“Š! It shows a breakdown of your earning and spending categories for any chosen date range. You can generate a statement for your accounts individually or all together.

The Cashflow statement

The Cashflow statement provides a monthly breakdown of your finances in the past and forecasted into the future, in a format similar to a spreadsheet.


Use the Trends page to quickly drill down and spot patterns in your categories and budgets over a chosen period of time. You can analyze your categories and budgets and view them broken down into weeks, months, years or budget periods.


Check out your finances in timeline view ⏳! Timeline is a place where you can view memories about your finances - like your favorite purchases, or a proof of purchase you want to have easily accessible 🎫. Transactions with added notes, images or attachments will appear on your Timeline.


See a snapshot of your finances on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis πŸ“Έ. The Digest illustrates aspects of your earning and spending presented with a series of charts and graphs.

Quick Answers

Why are sub-categories not nested under parent categories in my reports?

Currently, categories can't be nested (i.e. rolled up to only see the parent category) in our reports, such as the Income & Expense Statement, or on the Earning and Spending chart on the Dashboard. You can analyze your earning and spending by parent category on the Trends page. You can also see a breakdown of your parent categories into sub-categories by using the Transactions Income and Expense pie chart on the Transactions page.

Can I print reports?

Although PocketSmith doesn't provide in-app print options, you can use your browser's print function to print any page in PocketSmith! The different pages are formatted to print correctly when using the print function (except for the Forecast graph on the Calendar page). Learn more here: Printing pages and reports

How do I hide a category from the Income & Expense Statement?

You can remove transfer categories from the Income & Expense statement using the transfers toggle in the left side panel. You can also hide a category by navigating to the category you'd like to hide, and hovering over the far right of the category row. Click on the crossed eye icon that appears. Check out our user guide for more details: Hiding or restoring a category on the Income & Expense report

How do I hide a category from the Cashflow Statement?

It’s really easy to hide a category from the Cashflow Statement. Simply hover your mouse over the category you'd like to hide and click on the crossed eye icon that appears. For more details see: Hiding or restoring a category on the Cashflow statement

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