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PocketSmith has a variety of different reports available to you. Reporting includes an Income & Expense Statement, a Cashflows Statement, and the Trends page.

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The Income and Expense Statement 
The Income & Expense statement is like a businesses Profit & Loss statement. It shows a breakdown of your income and expenses into different categories, for any chosen date range. You have the option to generate an Income & Expense statement for each of your accounts.

Your Income & Expense statement shows:

  • Income - Your income categories and the total actual and budgeted amounts per category, as well as your total income.
  • Expense - Your expense categories and the total actual and budgeted amounts per category, as well as your total expenses.
  • Net Income - Your total income minus your total expenses, for both your actual and budgeted transactions.
  • Orange warning next to category - This shows that the actual transactions for this expense category are more than the budgeted amount

You can download both a CSV and an XLSX file for your Income and Expense statement.

The Cashflow page
The Cashflows page provides a monthly overview of your finances in the past and forecasted into the future. This enables you to see how close you were to your budget categories for the past and your budgeted amounts for the future. 

You can download a CSV file of your cashflow statement, so that you can use the data in a spreadsheet program like Excel.

Trends page
Use the Trends page to:
  • Drill down into your categories and budgets
  • See how your earning and spending has been in particular categories over time
  • View trends over a week, a month, a year, or by a budget period. 

The Trends page can also quickly show you where you're at with budgeted categories! See how much you have left to spend and quickly detect overspending.

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