The Income & Expense Statement

Use the Income & Expense Statement (Reports > Income & Expense) to view your net income over a date range. The statement shows a breakdown of your income and expenses into categories and allows you to compare your budgeted spending side-by-side with your actual spending.

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The Income & Expense Statement

Highlighted here are the key areas of the Income & Expense Statement: 

  • Title 
    Displays the name of the report, as well as the accounts and date range it covers
  • Income 
    Income categories, the total actual and budgeted amounts per category, and total income
  • Expense
    Expense categories, the total actual and budgeted amounts per category, and total expenses
  • Budgeted
    Budgeted amount per category
  • Actual
    Actual amount earned or spent per category
  • Net Income 
    Total income minus total expenses, for both your actual and budgeted transactions
  • Alert showing beside category 
    Alert icons let you know that the actual transactions recorded for this expense category are more than the budgeted amount

Income & Expense Statement options

You can customize the Income & Expense Statement to reflect the particular information you would like to report on. Change the date range, select a specific account, and include or exclude transfer transactions - the choice is yours!

Changing the date range

The date picker allows you to select the date range to be displayed on the Income & Expense Statement. To change the date, click on the date range displayed in the toolbar and select from any of the default values or enter a custom range using the drop-down menu.

Selecting the account you'd like to view

The side panel allows you to choose to view the Income & Expense Statement for all accounts, a single account, or a selection of accounts.

  • To view all accounts, just click All accounts.
  • If you'd like to view a single account just click on the account you'd like to view (ensuring that the toggle to Select multiple accounts is off)
  • To view a selection of accounts, click Select multiple accounts, and choose from the accounts, assets, and liabilities listed


When viewing a single account or selection of accounts, the category totals displayed will only include transactions that have occurred within the selected account(s).

Budgeted figures will only show for a category if the budget has been assigned to the account, or one of the accounts, being viewed.

To learn more about budgets in PocketSmith please see: Creating a new budget

Including or excluding transfers

Use the transfers toggle in order to include or exclude transfer transactions as you see fit

Exporting the Income & Expense Statement

The Income & Expense Statement offers several export options:

  • Income & Expense Statement
    Allows you to download the report as a spreadsheet in either Excel (XLSX) or Generic (CSV) format. This will allow you to open the report in spreadsheet software such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.
  • Transaction report
    This option generates an Excel (XLSX) or Generic (CSV) file which details all of the individual transactions that contribute to the Income & Expense Statement, arranged into their categories. Note that this does not include individual category totals.
  • Print
    Allows you to print or download a PDF of the report.

Steps to export the Income & Expense Statement

To export any of these options, hover over Export in the toolbar and choose the report you would like to download or print.


How do I hide a category from the Income & Expense Statement?

Hide a category from your Income & Expense Statement by navigating to the category you would like to hide, and hover over the far right of the category row. Click on the crossed eye icon that appears.
For more detail, and to find out how to restore hidden categories please see:  Hiding or restoring a category on the Income & Expense report

Why is there a category missing from the Income & Expense Statement that I did not hide?

Transfer categories are automatically hidden from the Income & Expense Statement. You can learn more about transfer categories here: Removing transfer categories from different reports and pages in PocketSmith

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