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Printing pages and reports in PocketSmith

Although PocketSmith doesn't provide in-app print options, you can use your browser's print function to print any page in PocketSmith. Pages and reports are formatted to print correctly when using the print function, except for the Calendar and forecast graph.

Browser printing options

Check out the following guides for detail on how to use your browser's print function:

Printing the Calendar and forecast graph

The interactive and resizable nature of the PocketSmith calendar, unfortunately, means that printing may not look good. Most browsers strip away a lot of the style information when preparing a document for printing. These styles are responsible for rendering the calendar and events.

We have a couple of solutions below that involve using browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We think this is better than the browser's native print feature as it retains all the elements as you see them.

Printing the calendar in Google Chrome

Install an extension for your browser called Awesome Screenshot. This allows you to snap a screenshot and print the interface exactly as you see it.

You can find the extension in the Chrome Web Store:  Awesome Screenshot

To print the calendar once Awesome Screenshot is installed, follow the steps below:

Go to Forecast > Calendar
Click the Awesome Screenshot icon in the top-right of Chrome, then select Capture

Next, select Full Page
Once the screenshot is completed, click Done

Choose from the available options to download, save as PDF, or print the Calendar page.


The resulting print will be the entire Calendar page, including areas you need to scroll to view.

If you only want to print part of the page, try some of the other options available in the capture menu, e.g. 'Capture selected area', to see if they suit you better.

Printing the calendar in Mozilla Firefox

Install an extension for your browser called Capture and Print

You can find the extension in the Firefox addon directory:  Capture & Print

When it's installed and activated, you'll see an icon for Capture and Print on the top right of your browser.
Clicking it turns your screen yellow, indicating the printable area. Your mouse pointer will be a crosshairs icon. Drag the pointer over the area you want to print - you can scroll to include the full page.

When you're done, you will be presented with a printable page of the area.

Once you're happy with the page settings, click Print... in the top left corner.

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