PocketSmith Android app

Our Android app is designed as a companion app providing users with some of the key elements of PocketSmith - right there in your pocket! 
Because our mobile apps are not designed as a standalone interface, they won't include all the features found on our web and desktop applications. We are regularly releasing updates to the PocketSmith Android app with improvements and new features. The Android app can be downloaded from the  Google Play Store 📱

In this user guide

Dashboard tab

The Dashboard gives you an overview of your finances on the move. From your Dashboard, you can get information on your net worth, top accounts, categorization progress and a summary of your budget tracking at a glance!

Click on the different widgets to access more information about your finances

Tap  Edit from the Dashboard (scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard) if you want to change or rearrange your widgets, then tap SAVE in the top right:

Transactions tab

Tap the Transactions tab to view your transactions. From here you can search transactions from the search bar or choose to view all transactions, uncategorized transactions, or only your income transactions, by selecting these options from the menu at the top of the screen.

Budgets tab

Tap the Budget widget from the Dashboard or head straight to the Budget tab, to quickly see an overview of both your budget summary and your individual budgets.

The top of the Budget tab screen shows a summary of your overall budget for the current calendar month. Scroll down to see how your individual budget categories are tracking for their respective current budget periods. If you use nested categories, you'll see the parent category in front of each of the sub categories. 

Select any of your individual budget categories to see all assigned transactions for that period:

Net worth tab

Tap the Net Worth widget from the Dashboard to see a break down of what you own and what you owe:

Categorize and edit your transactions

Categorize or edit your transactions straight from the mobile app! 

From the transactions tab, select any transaction to make changes, add notes and labels, or categorize.

Or, tap the categorization widget from the Dashboard to see your uncategorized transactions.

Tap on a transaction, then tap Uncategorized to choose or create a category to be applied to it:

Tap Add Labels to choose or create a label, or Write a note... to add a note:

Tap the Transactions widget from the Dashboard to search your transactions! You can also access the search bar from the Transactions tab.  

Transaction confirming

Transaction confirming is an optional feature in PocketSmith, but if you like to confirm your transactions, you can quickly do this from the mobile app too! 

Tap the Transaction confirming widget from the Dashboard to see a list of your unconfirmed transactions. Tap OK to confirm each transaction, or tap on a specific transaction if you want to make changes to it before confirming.

Settings and security

You can add additional security to PocketSmith on mobile by adding a privacy pin from the settings tab. If this is turned on, you'll need to enter your 4-digit pin in order to open the app.

Cash transactions & cash accounts

If you frequently use cash to pay for things, you may have created a cash account on the PocketSmith web app to track these transactions (learn more here:   Dealing with cash transactions). You can also easily add cash transactions and set up new cash accounts straight from your mobile device!

Adding new cash transactions and creating cash accounts

In the Android app, open the Transactions page 
Tap the Add cash transaction button in the bottom right corner


If you don't already have a cash account, tap Add a cash account. From here you can give the new cash account a name and starting balance, then tap Create new account to save.

Add the details of your cash transaction in the fields provided:
  • Merchant Name
  • Account (you can create a new cash account, by selecting the Account field and choosing + New Cash Account)
  • Income or Expense & Amount
  • Date
  • Category
  • Notes
  • Labels

Tap Save (or   Save + Another if you'd like to add more)


If you created a manual cash account on our web app before January 28, 2018, this will not be available from the Account options on the mobile app. You'll just need to change the account type (on the web app) so it is an official Cash account as outlined here: Edit the details of your account

Deleting cash transactions

In the Android app, locate the transaction you'd like to delete, either from the Transactions page or from its respective account via the Home page
Select the transaction 

Tap  Delete 

Changing the balance of a cash account

If the balance for the cash account is incorrect, it isn't possible to change this within the mobile app. However, you can do this on the web app by updating the Calculated closing balance option. Learn more about changing this here: Balance options for an account

Release notes

2.3.0 (2018/11/03)

  • Introducing search! - You can now search for keywords in your transactions just like on the web. We've added a widget so you have quick access, or you can search directly when you view your transactions list
  • Text entry fields are now capitalized by default
  • Spending chart widget minor change - Last 7 and last 30 days filters have been updated to match the web
  • A few minor bugfixes

2.2.0 (2018/10/03)

  • View transactions in a budget - tap on a budget to view more details about it + all the transactions within
  • Confirm transactions - added new unconfirmed transactions widget to confirm transactions on the go
  • Category creation - create a new category if you search for one and it’s not there
  • Frequent categories - these appear at the top of your list when selecting a category
  • Account name display - transactions will now also display the account
  • Fixed - viewing the spending breakdown detail should be more stable 

2.1.3 (2018/09/03)

This update is mainly focussed around bug fixes and stability improvements including:
  • Fixing a crash on startup for some users
  • New date ranges for the spending breakdown widget
  • When entering the category selection screen, you can immediately start searching for a category
  • Fixed an issue where the app would ask to create a new cash account even though one already exists
  • Fixed an issue on Android 6 where PIN UI didn't update
  • Long loading budgets should correctly display

2.1.0 (2018/07/17)

Introducing a new spending breakdown widget to help you visualize where your money is going

2.0.4 (2018/06/17)

  • Fixed authentication issues when reopening the app after a period of time.

2.0.3 (2018/06/16)

We've reverted the changes we made in our latest 2.0.2 release which was causing authentication issues to some users. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to fix any crashes which you may have experienced over the past few days.

2.0.2 (2018/06/16)

  • Fixed a crash some users were experiencing when entering the app from the foreground

2.0.1 (2018/06/14)

  • Fixes a crash when entering the app from the foreground on some occasions
  • Additional stability and performance improvements around displaying large image files

2.0.0 (2018/06/04)

Introducing the PocketSmith mobile app 2.0 with a new customizable dashboard! 

  • See your net worth breakdown
  • View your current budget status
  • Check out your top 5 accounts
  • See your outstanding transactions to categorize

All of these widgets can be hidden or rearranged to your liking, so you have full control over what you see.

Alongside all these new dashboard features, we've fixed some bugs and made some other minor changes to the UI.

1.1.1 (2018/04/20)

  • Fixed issues around multi-language support and number entries
  • Fixed an issue where account limit message was incorrectly showing
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the uncategorised banner wasn’t appearing
  • Fixed a minor bug where cash accounts set up on the web wouldn’t correctly be recognised as a cash account in the app
  • Improved stability

1.1.0 (2018/03/29)

  • You can now create a cash account on your device and add cash transactions!
  • Accounts are now displayed in the same order as the web for better consistency
  • Fixed a bug on the Budget Summary where incorrect text sometimes appeared
  • Updated the "Learn about the app" page to help you get the most out of PocketSmith mobile

1.0.4 (2018/02/07)

  • No release notes

1.0.3 (2018/02/01)

  • Fixes a crash some users were experiencing with MFA

1.0.2 (2018/01/30)

  • Fixes a crash some users were getting

1.0.1 (2018/01/26)

  • Added a new screen to view all transactions in one place
  • General stability and bug fixes

1.0.0 (2017/12/22)

  • First release of the Android app

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