Migrating to Data Connections

Data Connections is the new and improved way to connect PocketSmith to your banks

Data Connections makes managing your bank feeds easier and more intuitive. It offers a faster and more reliable connection to your banks, and supports more international banks, especially those with their own Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system.

The legacy bank feeds system was wound down on October 14, 2021. If you hadn't migrated by then, your account has been automatically migrated for you, and you'll be guided through reconnecting your bank feeds on Data Connections the next time you sign in.

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About Data Connections & our Data Partners

Data Connections is our newly rebuilt bank feeds platform. This upgrade allows us to maximize reliability across our existing Data Partners, and flexibility in connecting to whatever data sources become available in the future, so that more of your data is made available to you than ever before. Find about more about Data Connections here: Path to PocketSmith Data Connections

You may have a mixture of different Data Partners within your PocketSmith account.

Our current Data Partners:

Yodlee - the majority of our bank feeds come through Yodlee, a third-party bank feed aggregator who is the trusted leader in this industry. Thanks to Yodlee, PocketSmith can connect to over 12,000 banks and institutions worldwide! Find out more about Yodlee here.

Salt Edge - Salt Edge is our UK/EU-specific Data Partner. Salt Edge is an FCA-registered aggregator that securely provides PocketSmith with bank account and transaction data, with your consent. It's an elegant and transparent solution that adheres to the new Open Banking regulations. You can manage your Salt Edge connections by visiting saltedge.com/dashboard. Find out more about Salt Edge here.

Akahu - Akahu is New Zealand's open finance platform. Akahu makes it simple to access the data that organizations hold about you, and to share that data with trusted third parties like PocketSmith. Akahu connections are currently available to users with NZ-based banks. You can manage your Akahu connections by visiting my.akahu.io. Find out more about Akahu here.

Reconnecting to your accounts after migrating to Data Connections

Verify your email address

Before you can access Data Connections, you'll need to first verify your email address. To do this:

Head to the new Bank Feeds page ( Accounts > Bank Feeds)
You'll automatically be sent a verification email, and will be shown the page below
Check your email, and click VERIFY ME from within the email received
Within PocketSmith, you should now see an 'Email address verified' message. Click RETURN TO PREVIOUS PAGE to continue your migration to Data Connections

Migrating to Data Connections

Email successfully verified - you are now ready to migrate to Data Connections!

From the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account summary), click GET STARTED to migrate your bank feeds over to Data connections
Do you agree to re-authorize existing feeds, and reconnect your existing accounts to the new feeds? If so, type BEGIN and click OK

You’ll be redirected to the brand new Bank Feeds page! Your new home for all things related to Bank Feeds in PocketSmith

Re-linking your bank feeds

If you use Salt Edge bank feeds (for bank and credit card accounts in the UK and EU), then you won't need to migrate anything! PocketSmith is able to take care of everything for you - just wait a minute or so for everything to be processed, and you'll be good to go.

If you have Yodlee bank feeds, you'll need to re-enter your online banking login details and relink your accounts as part of the migration process. You'll need to repeat this step for each bank feed you have set up in PocketSmith.

In the ' Ready to connect' section on the Bank Feeds page, click CONNECT
Sign in with the same login details that you would usually use at your online banking site, and click SUBMIT

If you have additional security requirements for this feed, please click Authorize to complete the information and continue syncing.

The first sync may take a few minutes to complete. While waiting grab a cuppa, or check out some handy hints from the loading toolbar at the bottom of the page.


' Connection has finished syncing!' indicates that your account balances and transactions are now available to re-connect to your PocketSmith! Click LINK ACCOUNTS.


If you have any existing offline accounts, you'll be asked if you want to link each offline account to a data feed.

To link an existing offline account (displayed in the left column) , select the appropriate feed account from the drop-down (displayed in the right column), and click LINK SELECTED.


To prevent duplicate accounts from being created, do not skip this step.

As a part of the Data Connections migration, your previously connected PocketSmith accounts will have been converted to offline accounts. In this step, you’ll need to relink these to the new data connections.

If you have any remaining unlinked accounts, you'll be asked if you want to add these to your PocketSmith.  Tick any accounts you’d like to add to PocketSmith. Any unticked accounts will remain unlinked. 
Click ADD TO POCKETSMITH to establish new accounts, or  LEAVE UNLINKED if you have not selected any accounts. 
Nice one! You’ve re-authorized your feed and linked your accounts with PocketSmith Data Connections! 🎉

Head to the Transactions page ( Accounts > Transactions) to view the transactions that were imported 🤓 

What to expect when migrating to Data Connections

We have provided some more background information as to what exactly you'll see when you migrate here: What to expect when migrating to Data Connections

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