Linking and unlinking a feed to an account

Learn how to link and unlink feeds in the user guide below! 🔗 ⛓

If you're just starting out with PocketSmith, and you've not imported your data from another personal finance application then you'll be able to quickly create all your existing feed accounts in PocketSmith.

In order to link your feed accounts from scratch, follow this guide: Linking your feed accounts to brand new accounts.

Steps to linking feed accounts with existing accounts

In some cases, you'll have existing accounts in PocketSmith that you should link up to your feed accounts. This might be the case if you're relinking feed accounts that were previously linked to a feed, or perhaps you imported some accounts from another personal finance application as you were getting set up. In most of these cases, you'll often suggested existing accounts to link to, which will make this process quick and simple.

If you have existing accounts already in PocketSmith, follow this guide: Linking feed accounts to suggested existing accounts.

If you have linked a feed, you can unlink it without removing any previously imported transactions. You may want to unlink a feed from an account if you have closed that account at the bank, or if you are experiencing feed issues and would like to temporarily import transactions manually. 

When you unlink a feed, the account changes from being " linked to feed" to an "offline account" on the Account Summary page, and transactions will no longer be automatically imported by the feed.

  1. Head to the Feeds page ( Manage > Feeds)
  2. Navigate to the feed and select Accounts

  3. Click the  arrow next to the account you'd like to unlink
  4. Select Unlink account

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