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Check in on your finances on the run with our mobile apps 📱 View your accounts, categorize your transactions and keep an eye on set budgets from your mobile device ✨

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Mobile apps overview

Our mobile apps are designed as a companion app. This means they are not designed as a standalone interface and won't include the full feature set as found in our web and desktop applications. Instead, they provide users with some of the key elements of PocketSmith - right there in your pocket!

You can see your balances and transactions from all your accounts, get a complete view of your finances without having to open multiple online banking apps, and categorize and edit your transactions on the go! 


  • Stay on top of your earning and spending activity
  • Categorize transactions on the go with a fun interface
  • Add notes to your spending to record your memories
  • View all your account balances at a glance
  • View and edit your transactions
  • See your budgets (Note: Set your budgets up on the web app to see them in the mobile app)

We're continually working on improvements to help you make better decisions while on the go. Please email us at [email protected] with any feedback.

iOS app

The iOS app is currently available in the App Store. For more details about the iOS app and the release notes, check out the following article: PocketSmith iOS App.

Android app

The iOS Android app is currently available from Google Play. For more details about the Android app, check out the following article: PocketSmith Android app.

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