Adding a new account type to a bank feed (bank, credit cards, loans)

When setting up a particular bank feed, you can choose to connect different account types (bank, credit cards, loan, etc.). You can also add a new account type to an existing bank feed in PocketSmith.

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Choosing account types for a new bank feed

While adding a bank feed as shown in the user guide: Adding a bank feed and establishing your accounts, you will be presented with the different account types that are available with that particular feed under the Accounts held section.

What is a bank feed account type?

Bank feed types represent the variety of accounts you may have at your bank. For example, Bank (savings or checking), Loans (mortgages or personal loan), or Credit Cards. Different banks will vary in how they separate your accounts into different types.

Add a new account type to an existing bank feed

You might want to add another account type to one of your existing bank feeds. This could be because:

  • One of your account types was deleted
  • You have a new account and account type at your bank that you would like to add to PocketSmith
  • You did not add all of your account types when you first set up PocketSmith

To add a new account type:

Head to the Account Summary page

In the purple toolbar, click Add new bank feed


From the list at the bottom of the window that appears, choose the bank feed you want to add a new account type to 


Enter a Nickname to help you identify these new credentials and click Next 


Select Which account types would you like to connect? and click Next


Enter your credentials and click CONNECT

Click Add New Online Banking ID
PocketSmith will need to perform a sync at this stage. Following this, you'll need to link and establish your bank feed accounts from under  Ready to link. Find more on these steps here: Establishing your bank feed accounts in PocketSmith

Delete an account type from a bank feed

If you would like to remove an account type from PocketSmith, check out the following user guide: Delete an account type (bank, credit card, loan) from a bank feed

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