Two-factor authentication (2FA) on your PocketSmith account

Add an extra level of security and set up two-factor authentication for your PocketSmith account. Make sure you keep your PocketSmith recovery codes somewhere safe!

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What is two factor authentication (2FA)?

Two factor authentication is also known as "2 step verification". When you have 2FA setup, you'll need both your PocketSmith username and password like usual, and as an addition, PocketSmith will ask you to provide an extra code that only you have access to. 

You'll need a smartphone that can run an authenticator app that generates a limited time code which you enter when logging into PocketSmith.

Activating 2FA on your PocketSmith account drastically reduces the chances of someone gaining unauthorized access. An attacker would need to know not only your username and password, but they would also need to get hold of your phone.

Set up two factor authentication

First of all, make sure you have set a password on your PocketSmith account, then choose an authenticator app for your phone. Some possible authentication apps are

For convenience, you can set up multiple devices using the same activation code.


If you created your account using Google login and haven't added a password. You can add a password as shown in the following article:  Add a password to a PocketSmith account with Google a login

Follow the directions below to set up two factor authentication

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select Security
  2. Click Two factor authentication located in the menu on the left-hand side
  3. Confirm your PocketSmith account password in the confirmation box provided
  4. Click the Start two factor authentication setup button and follow the on-screen directions from there

Once you've set up your account for 2FA, PocketSmith you will ask you for your 2FA code whenever you sign in. This code will appear on screen within the app you downloaded on your smartphone. Without the generated code, you'll be unable to access your account.

What if I don't want to be asked for a code I sign in?

You can choose to remember your location by selecting the checkbox on the two factor code entry page. PocketSmith will store your current IP address, and you will not be asked for your two factor code when signing in from this location again.

"Trusted" IP addresses can be removed from your account at the bottom of the two factor authentication settings page. Once you've selected the IP addresses you'd like to untrust, click the Remove selected IP addresses button to confirm.

Don't get locked out - store your recovery codes!

Upon completion of setting up 2FA inside the app, PocketSmith will give you some recovery codes; these are displayed in an orange box. It is imperative that you download or print these and keep them somewhere safe. A text file is available for download for convenience.

Don't lose your recovery codes!

PocketSmith Support cannot restore access to accounts with two factor authentication enabled. If your phone is lost, broken or inaccessible, you will not be able access to your PocketSmith account unless you have your recovery codes. Be sure to keep your recovery codes in a safe place, so you're never locked out of your account.

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