The security of your data and personal information is of utmost importance to us.

Learn about the steps we take at PocketSmith to keep your data safe. We also recommend reviewing our security user guides for greater detail.

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Quick Answers

What do you do with my data?

Your data is stored on our own physical servers and is encrypted at rest at the device level. This means if someone was able to access the data centre where the servers operate, they would be unable to retrieve any data from them. PocketSmith's bank feeds are read-only. It is not possible for PocketSmith to transfer, move, or do anything else with your bank accounts aside from gathering your transactions and displaying them in your PocketSmith account

Is it safe to give PocketSmith my bank login details?

Your login details are passed securely to Yodlee, and not stored by PocketSmith. These details are used by Yodlee for one purpose: to fetch your transactions directly from your banking site. Please read our Security page to learn more

I've forgotten my PocketSmith password, how can I login?

For security reasons, PocketSmith will never send you your original password. However, if you've forgotten your password, we can send you a password reset email so you can set up a new one. For detail on how to do this check out: What to do if you've forgotten your password

How do I enable 2FA for my PocketSmith account?

If you’d like to add an extra level of security to your PocketSmith account by enabling 2FA you can learn how to do so here: Two-factor authentication (2FA) on your PocketSmith account

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