Reset and clear your account data

You may reset different areas of your PocketSmith account by deleting the key data types below:

  • Categories - This will remove all categories from your account. It will also remove all scheduled budgets and uncategorize all transactions.
  • Budgets - This will remove all budgets and reset your cashflow forecasts. It will not affect your categories or their assignments.
  • Searches and Filters - This will remove all Saved Searches, Filters and Category Rules from your account. Your transactions will not be affected.
  • Transactions - All transactions will be removed from all accounts. If you have Bank Feeds, you can re-sync after deletion to restore transactions.
  • All accounts, scenarios and budgets - This will remove all of your accounts and transactions, along with all scenarios and their budgets. Your banks / institutions and their feed connections will remain, but all accounts will be unconnected.

Please remember, all data deleted is permanent. So please be sure of what you're deleting!

If you want to reset your whole account, then tick the checkboxes for all data types. Resetting every option will not delete your institutions or Bank Feeds, to do this follow the article: Delete an institution

Steps to reset your account

1. Go to the Settings menu and select User Preferences

2. Click Account reset options in the left menu

3. Select the data types you want to delete, then click the Reset the selected areas button to reset the data

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