Editing, or splitting a transaction

You can edit many elements of a transaction, either one at a time or in bulk. 
Learn how to edit transaction details, add notes or labels, and split transactions.

Editing a single transaction

There may be times when you want to edit the details of a single transaction. You can edit the following parts of a transaction:

Steps to edit a single transaction

  1. Head to the Transactions page
  2. Click on the transaction and the transaction will become editable

  3. Edit the parts of the transaction that you'd like to change
  4. Click  Save


  • If a Renamed button is showing on the transaction edit form this means your merchant name has been edited or renamed, either manually, or by a filter. If the edited merchant name isn't correct, then you can restore the original merchant name as shown here 
  • Similarly, if a Filtered button is displayed, this means  the transaction has been edited in some way by a filter or category rule, hover over the button to see the details of the filter or category rule. 

    If a transaction was incorrectly edited or renamed by a filter or category rule, you'll need to edit the filter or category rule to prevent similar transactions being incorrectly edited in the future. For more detail about editing filters see:  Everything you need to know about filters. For more details about editing category rules see: Editing & deleting category rules.


You don't need to get out a calculator if you want to do a simple calculation in the amount field. Just type your calculation in the amount field to subtract (-), add (+), multiply (x) or divide (/) and then hit enter to get the result.

Editing multiple transactions in bulk

If you would like to edit multiple transactions at the same time, the following actions can be applied in bulk:

  • Rename to
  • Categorize as
  • Label with
  • Mark as transfer
  • Unmark as transfer
  • Delete

Steps to edit multiple transactions

  1. Use the search panel to locate the transactions you would like to edit in bulk.

    For example, if you are searching for all transactions from a particular merchant, enter the merchant keyword in the search panel under 'Merchant includes' then click SEARCH.


    To collapse the search panel and view your search results click the magnifying glass in the top right of the panel

  2. Select the transactions you want to edit using the checkboxes to the left of each transaction. Use the checkbox in the top corner to select all transactions listed on the page.
  3. Select More... from the toolbar
  4. Choose the actions you would like to apply from the drop-down menu 
  5. Click Apply actions to apply these changes to all of the selected transactions

Splitting a transaction

You can split a single transaction into two or more transactions. 

For example:

You spend $100 at the supermarket, however, you would like to split that $100 value into three separate amounts so you can categorize them separately into 🍎  Groceries, 🍻 Beer, and 💸 Cash Withdrawals

  1. Head to the Transactions page
  2. Click on the transaction to open the edit panel for the transaction
  3. Click  SPLIT on the right and another line of transaction details will show

  4. Enter the value of the new split transaction(s) in the new row and press enter. PocketSmith will calculate the total of the split transactions and display whether the total of all components is over or under the original transaction total.

  5. You can then click Update original, and the total of the first transaction will be changed so that the total of all split transactions match the original amount 

  6. Click  Save   

  7. A new transaction will then be created for each split


  • Any note or label that is added before saving the split into separate transactions will be applied to all split transactions. Once the transaction has been split, you can then individually adjust the note and label on each new transaction.
  • Any files attached to the transaction before splitting will only be attached to the original transaction. If you want to attach the file to the split transactions, this will need to be done after the split is completed for each transaction.
  • You can split a transaction into a mixture of income and expense transactions, however, split transactions can only be saved if the split total is equal to the original amount.

Restoring the original merchant name to a transaction

Occasionally, a filter may incorrectly rename a transaction. If so, you can restore the original merchant name to the transaction following the steps below.

  1. Locate the transaction you want to restore to the original merchant on the Transactions page
  2. Click on the transaction to open the full transaction
  3. Click  Renamed
  4. The original merchant will then show, click on  Restore
  5. The merchant name in the form will then change to the original merchant, click  Save to confirm the change


Can I move transactions to another account?

It isn't possible to easily move transactions into a different account. Instead of moving transactions to another account, you can group accounts together instead. This is useful if you have an old and new account and want all of their transactions to show in the same place. Learn more here: Everything you need to know about grouping accounts.

Another option is to export the transactions for the account into a CSV file and then import this CSV into the other account.

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