Balance graph shows big difference between forecasted and actual balances

Each account in PocketSmith has a record of daily closing balances based on your bank transactions, as well as a separate record of daily forecast balances based on your scheduled budgets - one for each Scenario.

In order to start the projection from your account's current closing balance, PocketSmith makes an adjustment to your forecast to bring it to that amount. The adjustment informs you how far ahead or behind forecast you are.

The forecast balances aren't permanently changed, as we'd like to give you the option of preserving your original Scenario. This may be the reason why there is a big difference 

Options for fixing it

All you need to do is adjust the balance for your Scenario for a historical date to bring it closer to your actuals. You can do this in 2 ways.


Go to the individual account's tab in the Calendar, and find the adjustment event. It'll have a red or green flag, and is titled "<account name> forecast start". This is the adjustment event that PocketSmith uses to bring the forecast balance to the account's closing balance.

Click on it to see the information about the adjustment. At the bottom right of the window, there's a button with 'Make forecast balance match account balance' on it.

Click on this button to set the Scenario balance to the Account balance. This means that the Scenario will stay at that balance from the date of the adjustment, and the adjustment is removed as it's no longer necessary.

This still means that the big drop in the graph will remain until it scrolls out of view over time though. So the other option is to do it manually.


Go to the individual account's tab in the Calendar, ensure that you don't have "Show actuals in history" checked, and go back to when the record of your transactions began.

You'll see at least one balance event each month indicated by a blue flag. These are set by PocketSmith as 'markers' of your Scenario balances.

Find the first one. You'll recognize it as the balances for the days preceding it will have the same balance as their values. 

Click to edit the first balance and change it the balance you want to see - then save it. 

Delete the subsequent blue flag balances for the account leading up to present day.

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