Becoming a beta tester in PocketSmith

If you'd like to try out new features before they are released to everyone, you may want to join the beta program. Enable this within PocketSmith for access to pre-release features that are currently being tested.

Features and options currently available to Beta testers

When a new PocketSmith feature is released it may be put through a Beta phase. This phase allows interested users to test and provide feedback so that unexpected bugs, or user experience issues, can be resolved before the feature is fully released.

PocketSmith features and options that are currently available for Beta testing are:

  • Safe Balance 💰

    The Safe Balance feature adjusts selected balances to account for budgeted income and expenses that are planned but haven't happened yet, giving you a safe-to-spend balance. Learn more here:  Safe Balance

  • Change color theme to Legacy 🎨

    If you're not a fan of PocketSmith's purple, you can change the color theme to a more neutral palette. See: PocketSmith's color display for detail on how to do this.

  • Improved payee cleaning ✨

    Improved payee cleaning aims to tidy up merchant names to exclude extraneous information such as timestamps and transaction numbers. 

    This runs on all imported transactions from bank feeds and bank files but not manually added transactions.

  • Rollover Budgeting

    A rollover budget allows under-spent / under-earnt or over-spent / over-earnt amounts to be carried over from one budget period to the next. Learn more here: Rollover budgeting


There are some Early Access features that are available to everyone, and these do not require you to enable Beta testing on your account in order to be accessed.  Current Early Access features available to all users are:

Joining the PocketSmith beta testing program

You can become a beta tester with the following steps:

  1. Head to User Preferences ( Profile menu > User preferences)

  2. Select Beta Settings from the left menu and tick the checkbox Yes, I want to see beta features as they become available

  3. Click Save

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