Multi-Currency support in PocketSmith lets you track accounts, assets, and liabilities from around the world!

Multi-currency support is activated as soon as you have one or more accounts in PocketSmith with a different currency to your base currency. PocketSmith will then convert the total balance of your accounts to your base currency.

Your base currency is typically set to the country that you currently reside in, but you can change this in User Preferences (Profile menu > User preferences)

A specific currency can be set for each account on the Account Summary page. Just locate the account and select MANAGE ACCOUNT > Account Preferences

Quick Answers

I've added overseas accounts but they are showing in the wrong currency. How can I fix this?

If your accounts are not showing in the correct currency you can easily change this by editing the account's preferences.

To do this, head to the Account Summary page (Accounts > Account Summary), then navigate to the account you want to change the currency for. Click MANAGE ACCOUNT Account preferences and select the right currency from the dropdown.

Can I create transfer budgets between currencies?

Transfer budgets between currencies are not currently supported.

Instead, you will need to create separate budgets for each side of the transfer, using separate categories, and you will need to perform the currency conversion manually when setting the budget amount.

For example:
•  Transfers - Debit Euro: Expense budget for €2000
•  Transfers - Credit Singapore dollars: Income budget for $3000

Each category will also need to be a transfer category.

Can I have multiple currencies within one bank account in PocketSmith?

No, it's not currently possible to have multiple currencies within a bank account in PocketSmith. If your bank account lists transactions in different currencies, these will be imported in the native currency of the account and the amounts will not be converted.

For example, if the account is set to be a USD account in PocketSmith, but it has a €10 transaction listed, then this transaction will be imported as 10 USD, and will not be converted. 

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