Multi-Currency support in PocketSmith lets you track accounts, assets, and liabilities from around the world!

Multi-currency support is activated as soon as you have one or more accounts in PocketSmith with a different currency to your base currency. PocketSmith will then convert the total balance of your accounts to your base currency.

Your base currency is typically set to the country that you currently reside in, but you can change in Settings > User Preferences.

A specific currency can be set for each account on the Account Summary page. Just locate the account and select MANAGE ACCOUNT > Account Preferences

Quick Answers

Why are the currency conversions incorrect on the Budget page and in my other reports?

The multi-currency feature does not work on the Budget page and in PocketSmith reporting.

What does this mean?
Transactions from your accounts that use a native currency will show on the Budget page in your base currency. For example - you might spend [NC] $10, however, this will show [BC] €10 on the Budget page. Let us know if you if you want to see more multi-currency options by submitting a feature request!

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