Net Worth overview

Net Worth provides an overview of your total financial position, including any other assets and liabilities not represented with your bank accounts. The means you can add assets such as a house or car and any liabilities such as loans for the assets.

Any accounts that currently have a positive balance will show in the green What I own section and any accounts with a negative balance will show in the red What I owe section.

Net Worth Graph

At the top of the page is the net worth graph and this shows the net worth balance for the past 3 months in green or red and the forecasted balance for the next 3 months in blue. It shows the same information as the graph on the Dashboard.

  • A daily forecast balance is shown for the next 30 days, it then shows a weekly forecast balance
  • Hovering over a point on the graph will show the date and the balance

  • If you don't want the graph to show click the X in the top right corner, and to make it show again click the graph icon 

Net Worth Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to add assets and liabilities. For more details see the article:  Adding an asset or a liability to Net Worth

Net Worth Value

This is your current net worth value, based on the current value of your assets, liabilities and account balances.

What I own & What I owe

The 'What I own' value is the total value of your assets and accounts with a positive balance. The 'What I owe' value is the total value of your liabilities and accounts with a negative balance.

Assets, liabilities and accounts

All of your assets, liabilities and accounts are listed beneath 'What I own' if it has a positive value or 'What I owe' if it has a negative value.

The assets, liabilities and accounts are grouped by asset, liability and account type.

Clicking on the name will take you to the settings for the asset, liability or account. For more details about editing assets and liabilities, see the article:  Changing the details of an asset or liability and for more details about editing accounts, see the article: Changing the details and settings of an account

The current value of the asset, liability or account is shown, as well as the date the value was last updated. 

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