Enabling a new or missing account via Akahu

If you didn't enable all accounts at Akahu during your first authorization, or if you have since opened a new bank account, you will first need to share these with Akahu before you can then add these to your PocketSmith account.
In this guide, we provide instructions for enabling more accounts with Akahu. The last step of this guide covers linking the newly enabled account in PocketSmith - this last step is very important, so be sure to follow right to the end!

Sharing a new account to an existing Akahu bank feed


Head to the Bank Feeds page (Manage > Bank Feeds)


Click the three-dot menu on the connection you'd like to add the account to, and select Authorize



You will then be taken to the  Akahu Connect interface  pop-up window. Step through the Akahu verification process until you get to the screen with your accounts listed.
You'll be shown a list of all your accounts - tick the missing account, and select Update to share it with PocketSmith. If you've found your account, jump to Step 8.
If your account isn't shown there, click the connect new accounts link that appears within Akahu as below, then select your bank.
You will then be shown all accounts found during the initial connection process. Select all your missing accounts, then click Done.


If the account you're looking for isn't listed here, then it may be that you need to add a different set of credentials to gather the account, for example, if it's your partner's account that you're trying to access. If this is the case, follow the guide here to add a second set of credentials

Once you're back in PocketSmith and the Connection is synced, those accounts will appear within the Unlinked Accounts section on the Connection, ready to link up!

If you are enabling a new account that doesn't have a corresponding offline account in PocketSmith yet, you'll follow slightly different steps from re-linking an account that has already been set up in PocketSmith in the past.

Find more steps for both scenarios here:

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