Budget events not changing the forecast balance on the calendar

You may notice on the current day or on previous days on the Calendar, that the budget events for that day are not affecting the forecast balance for that same day. If this is the case, check to see if there is a balance correction event on that day.

A balance correction event is denoted by either a red, green or a blue flag. You can find out more about balance correction events in the article:  Balance correction events on the calendar. The balance correction event changes the closing forecast balance of that day so that it matches the actual balance of the account on that day. This is why the budget events don't have an affect on the forecast balance on these days.


If you do want these budget events to affect the forecast balance, as they are not part of the actual balance calculation represented by the balance correction event. You can move the budget events to a future date that doesn't contain a balance correction event and they will then change the forecast balance for that day.


In Beta

We have 2 upcoming features that will fix this problem. The first is Safe Balance, which is available to beta users. With Safe Balance, if there are unspent/unearned amounts once the budget event has moved into the past, these amounts will still be included in the actual balance. To find out more about Safe Balance, check out the article: Safe Balance beta: what it does and how it works


The other feature is called Bill Management and you can find out more details on our Roadmap at http://psmth.to/N4. This will allow you to differentiate between scheduled transactions (which are discrete) and scheduled budgets, and reconcile payments to bills. At this stage for Bill Management, we're intending for unreconciled bills to be automatically moved back until paid, ensuring that your forecast takes unpaid bills into account. Conversely, a reconciled payment will move a bill out of the projection into your history, ensuring that your cashflow balances are correct.

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