Bank feed syncing in mobile

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Our Learn Centre is being updated to reflect our newly rebuilt bank feeds platform, Data Connections. The guide you're looking at may reflect these changes, or it may still need updating.

If the Bank Feeds page (Accounts > Bank Feeds) is not available on your PocketSmith Account, you will first need to migrate to the Data Connections bank feed platform.

If you've migrated to Data Connections, but you haven't been able to find the solution you're after, please get in touch with us!

If you use our mobile apps, you can check in on the status of your Yodlee bank feeds on the go and get up-to-date transaction information similar to how you would on the web app! Learn more about how bank feed syncing works on mobile and why some bank feeds can't update in the mobile app 📱

In this user guide:

How Yodlee bank feed updates are triggered in mobile apps

An update of your bank feeds and transactions in the mobile apps is triggered if the Dashboard is reloaded via pull-to-refresh or by opening the PocketSmith mobile app. A full update can take a few minutes, but we'll show you when your bank feeds have been refreshed!

Following an initial trigger and update, we won't attempt to re-sync your bank feeds in the mobile app  within 6 hours of the initial update

For example: 
If you open the mobile app at 12pm (for the first time in at least 6 hours), this will trigger an update of your bank feeds and transactions; if you open the app again at 3pm, this will not trigger an update. We won't perform another update until you open the app again after 6pm (6 hours after the initial update earlier that day at 12pm).


Triggering an update in the mobile app means that PocketSmith will attempt to update all available transactions and balances that we've been able to gather via our bank feed provider (Yodlee). To learn more about the transactions and balances that PocketSmith can import, take a look at our user guide: How bank feeds are updated in PocketSmith

Multi-factor authentication and why your bank feeds might not be updating

Your bank sometimes requires Multi-factor authentication (MFA) information to allow our bank feed provider ( Yodlee) to sync your accounts and transactions in PocketSmith. In these cases, Yodlee will tell us that a particular bank feed might require MFA information to sync.
When we're told that a bank feed might require MFA, we prevent syncing from being triggered by (and then updated in) our mobile applications. This is because the apps are not currently set up to provide answers to MFA requests directly within them. Though this will change in the future, for the moment, MFA information can only be provided via the web application.
What can I do about this?
There are some cases where Yodlee tells us that MFA is activated for a bank feed, however, responding to an MFA request isn't required in real usage. 
These cases include:
  • MFA is optional at your bank, and you don't have the option turned on for your internet banking
  • MFA is security question and answer based, and you've already answered all questions within PocketSmith
  • MFA is triggered in some cases, but not in most cases
As a rule of thumb, if you can log into the web application and sync your bank feeds without answering any MFA questions or requests, then you should be able to sync your bank feeds from mobile. To do this, you just need to activate the  Force automatic sync option within the web app.

Forcing MFA bank feeds to sync

If you're sure that you don't need to enter MFA information for your bank feeds to sync when you use the web app, you can activate the Force automatic sync option from the Account Summary page (on the web app), so that using the mobile apps will trigger a sync on your bank feed.

Just head to the  Account Summary page (Accounts > Account Summary) and hover on Edit bank feeds in the purple toolbar. Click on the bank feed you'd like to change, select Sync options and tick the checkbox for Force automatic sync select Sync options.

We outline these steps in detail here:  Force bank feeds with Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to automatically sync

Salt Edge bank feeds and mobile apps

The information in this guide so far has been specific to Yodlee bank feeds. Salt Edge bank feeds are a bit different for a couple of reasons:

  • Salt Edge bank feeds do not show in the 'Your bank feeds' section of the mobile app
    Any Salt edge bank accounts will show in the mobile app, however, the bank feeds themselves are not shown. This means you'll need to log into the web app to check your Salt Edge bank feeds' status.
  • Logging into the mobile app does not trigger a sync of Salt Edge bank feeds
    Salt Edge bank feeds will automatically sync once daily, regardless of web or mobile app login. If you need to trigger a sync of a Salt Edge bank feed to get super up-to-date data, this must be done by logging into the web app.

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