How to import files while your bank feed is down

Our file importer makes it easy to keep your account transactions and balances up-to-date while your feed is experiencing an issue πŸŽ‰ 
This guide will show you how to upload bank files and make sure you don't accidentally create duplicate transactions πŸ‘―

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Unlinking your feed from your accounts and importing bank files 

If your feed is experiencing a problem, you can import files to keep your accounts up-to-date while our team and our Data Partner investigates. 

However, when the issue is fixed and the bank feed syncs again, new transactions will import alongside transactions that you may have manually imported using bank files. This will cause duplicate transactions, which will need to be corrected!

To prevent this from happening, the feed needs to be unlinked from the account before files are imported. This means new transactions - from the bank feed - won't cause duplicates. Once the issue is resolved, you can re-link the bank feed to the account to continue importing transactions via the bank feed automatically. 


You only want to unlink the feed from individual accounts; please do not remove the entire feed! Removing a feed while we are investigating a problem prevents progress from being made. When the feed is removed, all the information we use to diagnose issues gets removed with it.

Steps to unlink a feed from an account

Head to the Manage Feeds page ( Manage >  Feeds)
Navigate to the Feed and select Accounts

Click the  arrow next to the account you'd like to unlink
Select Unlink account


Unlinking the feed will allow your account balance to update based on your imported transactions. If the data connection is still connected, your account will retain the balance, from the last time the feed successfully synced while linked to the account.  

Steps to import a bank file and prevent duplicates

After unlinking your feed, you can keep your transactions up to date by uploading bank files. To make it even easier, you can upload multiple bank files to your accounts at one time for many different accounts πŸŽ‰

Learn how to export your bank files from your online banking website here: Preparing your bank files & accepted file types

Head to the Transactions page
Select File import and then Quick import


If this menu option isn't available on your PocketSmith account, please follow these steps here to import your bank files: Importing bank files into an existing account on the Account Summary page

Drag-and-drop the files you'd like to import   
Match the bank file to the correct bank account using the account dropdown menus


We recommend using OFX where possible, as PocketSmith will attempt to automatically choose the right account when they’re uploaded.

If you're importing a CSV file, choose or create a CSV format
Select the appropriate import option. In this case, we recommend you chose the option Replace transactions on overlapping dates  


It's important that the correct option is selected here, otherwise, duplicate transactions may be created. See: Bank file import options

Select Start Import 🎊

Relinking your feed to existing accounts once an issue is resolved

Once your feed is working again, relink your feed accounts to the existing offline accounts. It is important to take care to relink each feed account to the correct account in PocketSmith, to prevent duplicated accounts, or mismatched accounts.

Follow this guide to link your accounts again: Linking feed accounts to suggested existing accounts.

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