Where have the feedback forum and roadmap gone?

It has been an ongoing challenge for us to accurately communicate what features and enhancements we have coming up to our users. While we've endeavoured to provide an accurate roadmap to let our users know what to expect, the ever-changing demands of a growing business mean that this has rarely reflected reality.

So we're changing. From now, we will provide a summary of  what we're working on currently. We'll list the enhancements we're actively working on. No timeframes will be provided, however, you can be sure that each item in this list is being actively pursued. You can expect to see frequent updates to this page, as we make progress.
Secondly, we now accept  feature requests and ideas from a separate location. Our team reads, investigates, and categorises each of these as they come in. This forms an important voice in product direction decisions that we make, and feedback is always welcome.
We look forward to hearing from you about all the things you'd like PocketSmith to do!
Co-founder, PocketSmith
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