What we're working on now

Below are the product improvements that we're currently working on. While we cannot provide any estimated timeframes for when these enhancements will be released, they're in the works if they're on this list!

If you would like to suggest other improvements, let us know the details in this form: Let us know how PocketSmith can be improved!

We've been busy!

We post major updates and new feature information on our product update page. Check it out at Product Updates 

Web app

New transactions search interface

Status: alpha testing

A new interface to search transactions that will have all the same searching abilities as the existing search feature but with better usability.

You can try out the new search by getting in touch and we can enable this option within your beta settings.

Improved easy categorization of transactions

Status: building

We are bringing a new way to categorize your transactions more efficiently by categorizing all transactions with the same merchant at the same time. This will replace the existing 'Categorize transactions' page.

A new onboarding experience

Status: building

A new experience is coming for new users or existing users who choose to start from scratch. They will be guided through different options for setting up their PocketSmith account depending on what they want to achieve with their finances. 

Some of this new onboarding experience will also be able to be reused in other parts of PocketSmith, to improve it for all users.

Rollover budgets

Status: in beta

A long-awaited feature is to have unspent and/or overspent budget amounts rolled over from the past into the current period.

After a very long build, this is now released into beta to try! You can learn how it works with the following guide: Rollover budgeting

We are now working through any issues that occur during this beta phase before the general release of this feature.

Improved Income & Expense statement

Status: being designed

We have released some initial improvements to the Income & Expense statement:

We are also working on including bringing the functionality of the Cashflows statement into it. You can compare different periods and save settings for easy switching between the reports you need.

Safe balance out of beta

Status: planning

Safe balance was released into beta over 6 years ago and has been used by a keen group of users to find out how much they can spend today. There have however been a few bugs and user interface quirks that have remained unfixed.

This is changing - with the impending release of rollover budgets, safe balance will be more useful now than ever. We're planning the work that needs to be completed, both from a user interface point of view, as well as fixing up bugs and oversights (such as a lack of multi-currency support).

Multi-currency out of beta

Status: planning

We are working through the remaining additions needed to complete multi-currency support within PocketSmith. Most of these are small changes but the biggest of these is the support of currencies that don't have two decimal places. Adding improved decimal place support is a really big task so it will probably take a while before it is released.

Mobile apps

No new features in progress

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