What we're working on now

Below are the product improvements that we're currently working on. While we're unable to provide any estimated timeframes for when these enhancements will be released, if they're on this list, then they're in the works.

In this user guide

Web app

Redesigned budget form

Stage: released and monitoring

The budget form has been redesigned, allowing you to quickly add simple budgets without the complexity of more advanced features. You can still create advanced budgets though - except now it is easier to find the options you're looking for.

Rollover budgets

Stage: building

A long-awaited feature is to have unspent and/or overspent budget amounts rolled-over from the past into the current period.

Education and help

Stage: preparing for build

We're looking at how we can help you with PocketSmith as you're using the application, by providing better up front information.

Customisable dashboards

Stage: being designed

You will be able to add, edit, or remove a selection of different widgets on your dashboard. You will also be able to have multiple dashboards that can be customised to view different aspects of your PocketSmith account.

Mobile apps

Bank feed syncing

Stage: released and monitoring

Your bank feeds will be synced when you open the mobile apps. You will also be able to check the status of your bank feeds and see when they were last synced with a new widget on the Dashboard. Syncing will only initially work with bank feeds that don't have multi-factor authentication.

Create category rules

Status: building
When categorising your transactions, you will have the option to create a rule for this category. This will then apply this category to other matching uncategorised transactions, as well as future transactions that match.

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