What we're working on now

Below are the product improvements that we're currently working on. While we're unable to provide any estimated timeframes for when these enhancements will be released, if they're on this list, then they're in the works.

If you would like to suggest other improvements, let us know here.

In this user guide

Web app

Rollover budgets

Stage: preparing for alpha testing

A long-awaited feature is to have unspent and/or overspent budget amounts rolled-over from the past into the current period.

After a very long build, we have created a working group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168465156680284/. Join us in this group if you want to find out more details about our implementation of rollover budgets.

Customisable dashboards

Stage: building

You will be able to add, edit, or remove a selection of different widgets on your dashboard. You will also be able to have multiple dashboards that can be customised to view different aspects of your PocketSmith account.

Improved Income & Expense statement

Stage: being designed

We are making improvements to the Income & Expense statement, including bringing the functionality of the Cashflows statement into it. You will be able to compare different periods and save settings for easy switching between the different reports you need. We will also be adding better support for sub-categories.

Clearer bank feed account linking

Stage: released

We're making it easier to link up your bank feeds accounts, once you've established a feed connection. Fewer drop-downs and decisions to make will improve this experience vastly.

UX improvements for establishing bank feeds

Stage: released

It's going to get much easier soon to connect PocketSmith to your bank feeds, with a new design and workflow for getting your initial bank feed connection set up. This will flow into improvements for other areas of bank feeds, such as entering multi-factor authentication

Rebuilding bank feed systems

Stage: building

We're building a brand new system for bringing transaction bank feeds into PocketSmith. This will allow us to connect to the latest APIs that Yodlee offer, and plug-in other bank feed sources more easily too. This is a large project and we've made very significant progress so far, but still has a fair way to go.

Stage: designing

We've found that while the accordion-style of search form performed well functionally, it was often more complex visually than it needed to be, especially if you're only searching for one or two criteria. We're looking to simplify and improve the overall experience here. Stay tuned!

Safe balance out of beta

Stage: planning

Safe balance was released into beta over 4 years ago and has been used by a keen group of users to find out how much they can spend today. There have however been a few bugs and user interface quirks that have remained unfixed.

This is changing - with the impending release of rollover budgets, safe balance will be more useful now than ever. We're planning the work that needs to be completed, both from a user interface point of view, as well as fixing up bugs and oversights (such as a lack of multi-currency support).

Multi-currency out of beta

Stage: building

We are working through the remaining additions needed to complete multi-currency support within PocketSmith. Most of these are small changes but the biggest of these is the support of currencies that don't have two decimal places. Adding improved decimal place support is a really big task so it will probably take awhile before it is released.

Mobile apps 


Status: beta release

We're adding a new way to set up reminders within PocketSmith. This will send you an email and a notification to your mobile device at times that you specify, to remind you to check your budgets and categorise your transactions.

Dashboard budget widget

Status: building

The dedicated budgets page on mobile can get very busy if you have a lot of categories. We're planning to release a widget for the mobile dashboard, which will allow you to select a few budgets to display on the dashboard, so you can easily see how you're tracking for your most important budgets.

Forecast data in the mobile app

Status: building

A major omission of the mobile application is that you don't have access to your Calendar or other forecast data. Initially, we're building things out so that you can view your upcoming budgets in a Calendar view. Balances and creation of budgets will come later, but we're aiming to have an initial build of a Calendar in the mobile app soon.

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