Feature Requests

We'd love to hear your ideas!

Please let us know how we can improve PocketSmith for you 🙌

The more detail you provide us the easier it will be for us to understand why this feature is needed. Consider including answers to the following questions:

  • What problem will this feature solve for you?
  • How will this feature improve your PocketSmith experience?

If you don't have a feature request but have noticed a bug, want a bank feed added, or want other help,  please send us a message by clicking here.

You can submit a feature request at our  feedback portal, by clicking here.


  • We can't promise that we will build all requested features but all requests are useful in helping us determine our roadmap.
  • We won't reply to all feature requests we receive but we may reach out if we need further details or how to do a similar thing with the current features. If you want a reply, send us a message instead.
  • All past feature requests submitted within the old Feedback Forum haven't been lost and are still available to us for planning future features.

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