Bill reminder emails

Enable bill reminder emails to help keep track of overdue, paid and upcoming bills 📆  ✅  📩  

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Overview of Bill reminder emails

Bill reminder emails allow you to schedule emails to remind you of upcoming and overdue bills. 

Choose the categories you'd like to enable bill reminders for, then schedule the time and days you'd like to receive the reminder emails. Once set up, PocketSmith will send weekly emails on your chosen day(s), letting you know if you have outstanding or upcoming bills to pay 💸


In order to set up Bill reminder emails, you'll need to become a Beta tester. Becoming a Beta tester is quick and easy - learn how to join the PocketSmith beta testing program here: Becoming a beta tester in PocketSmith

Setting up Bill reminder emails

Head to the Settings menu and select Categories
Navigate to the category you'd like to set up bill reminders for, click on the three-dot menu and select Edit
Tick the check-box for  Send bill reminder emails for this category and click Save

Repeat this for all the categories that you want to be included in the bill reminder emails
To schedule the bill reminder emails, head to  Settings > User Preferences
Select Email notifications in the left menu
In the Bill reminders section, choose a time and the day(s) of the week that you want the bill reminder emails sent and click  Save You will now receive bill reminder emails in your inbox based on your selected time and chosen days 📩

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