Steps to remove a feed

Learn how to remove a feed from your PocketSmith account. This won't delete any accounts or transactions within PocketSmith, but will stop any future imports from this feed.

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Removing a Feed

This will completely remove the feed from PocketSmith. Any accounts from that feed will be changed to offline accounts and, if you want to re-add it, you will need to add it as a new feed as shown here: Adding a feed and establishing your accounts

Removing a feed may be useful in the following situations:

  • you've switched banks and no longer want to try to bring in new transactions from your old bank
  • you've switched your feed to another of our data partners
  • you've accidentally added duplicate feeds and wish to remove the additional feed

If you're not sure if removing a feed is right for you, contact support, and we can guide you.

Which data provider is supporting my feed?

If you are removing a feed because you have switched data providers, you will first need to confirm which data provider is supporting each feed to ensure you're removing the correct one. We support feeds from data providers: Yodlee, Akahu, Salt Edge, and Plaid. 

If you're not sure which data provider your feed is via, please head to the Feeds page (Manage > Feeds), and click the three-dot menu on the affected connection.

Steps to remove a Data Connection

Head to the Feeds page ( Manage >  Feeds)

Find the feed you wish to remove. Click the three-dot menu, and select Remove feed


Type ' REMOVE', and click OK

Delete a feed from Salt Edge Dashboard

For a feed provided by our Data Partner, Salt Edge, the above steps will revoke PocketSmith's consent to access this feed and remove it from PocketSmith. However, to completely delete the Salt Edge feed from Salt Edge's system as well, you will need to follow the steps below:

Go to the Salt Edge Dashboard
Click the feed you want to delete
Click Delete
Click Delete again to confirm the deletion

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