Extend the time period of the forecast graph

Extend the time period of the forecast graph

You can extend the time period shown on the forecast graph on the Calendar page ( Forecast > Calendar) by changing date range on the calendar and beside the forecast graph. Depending on your subscription, you're able to view up to 10, or 30 years into the future!

You'll first need to change the date range on the calendar to the end date that you'd like to view. You can change the date range using the toolbar, in the top right, just above the calendar

Next, change the date beside the forecast graph to the date and year that you'd like the graph to end on (eg. Feb 5, 2023) and click APPLY
Use the slider to alter the date range displayed by the forecast graph
Hover over the graph at any point to see your predicted Net Worth value for that date


The default time period of the  forecast  graph will be restored after signing out and back in.

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