Switching to an alternate feed

You might be getting offered an alternate feed, to replace a feed which is currently experiencing problems or has a generally better alternative available. Most of the time, this will involve switching from one provider to another. This article will discuss what the process of switching will involve.

The alternate feed prompt

You might see a button to "Switch now" in the feeds page, when you're experiencing a feed issue, or when there is an alternate feed we'd always recommend - like an open banking feed.

When you click this button you'll be asked to confirm that you'd like to switch.

What happens in the switch feed process

In short, the old feed will be removed and a new feed will be added. You'll need to relink your feed accounts after you've completed authorising the new feed, however PocketSmith will guide this process where possible. The specifics of this process are below.

  1. Old feed is removed, which ensures that the existing feed accounts that were connected are available for relinking to the new feed.
  2. New feed is created, copying over the nickname and connection options from the old feed (i.e. categorization, sync and pending transaction options)
  3. Financial institution is renamed, if the new feed name differs from the old feed name. This is to make things easier when relinking your feed accounts, and will only affect how your accounts are grouped in the Account Summary
  4. Your accounts will need to be relinked, once you've re-authorised your feed. You'll be prompted to complete this once you're back at PocketSmith after authorising - we have a guide here if you need a hand.

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