About Akahu, our New Zealand data provider

Akahu are our data provider for connecting to banks within New Zealand. We absolutely trust them, and they have a great team backing up the solution which has been in the market since 2017.

The difference between Akahu and other data providers is that, where possible, they access your banking data via the same access mechanisms / APIs as the bank's own mobile apps. So when you're adding a connection via Akahu, it's the same thing as if you're registering a new device for your bank's mobile app.

The great thing about this, in addition to speed and reliability, is that though they ask for your username and password, Akahu won't store those credentials in order to offer the feed, whenever possible. Instead, Akahu just passes these over to your bank right away for the first verification step, and then after the subsequent connection process, they receive an access token that they use to fetch ongoing data.

However, depending on the provider, this might not be possible—in these cases, Akahu will store your credentials encrypted to keep them safe. In either case, your credentials never touch PocketSmith's network.

You can also revoke the token that is given to Akahu from the bank's device management page too, any time.

You can read more about Akahu and their security on their website, https://www.akahu.io.

Troubleshooting Akahu feeds

On occasion, feeds encounter errors that are beyond our control. Errors are not commonplace, but unfortunately, they do happen! 😲

Thankfully, the errors are temporary in many cases and can be resolved on the next sync or will resolve within 48 hours.🍻

For troubleshooting any feed errors on an Akahu connection, please check out this guide here: Troubleshooting Akahu bank feeds

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