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Using PocketSmith as a financial advisor

PocketSmith is the ideal tool for advisors to assist their clients in tracking and managing their finances. Allowing clients to easily import and track their transactions, create budgets, and generate powerful reports for analysis - let PocketSmith do the hard work for you! 💪 📊

Advisors can easily and securely manage multiple client accounts from their admin account, without the need for sharing login details, using our advisor access feature. Easy! 🔒✨

With options to purchase bulk subscription packages, one subscription at a time, or for your client to pay for the subscription directly, there's a payment option to suit financial advisors no matter the number of clients!

For more detail on using PocketSmith as an advisor check out our guide: Using PocketSmith as a financial advisor

Quick Answers

What payment options are available for client subscriptions?

We offer advisors a discount on subscriptions when you purchase 10+ annual subscriptions in one transaction. These pre-purchased subscriptions can be applied to a client account as it is created.

If you require fewer subscriptions, you can pre-purchase individual PocketSmith subscriptions for clients as a gift certificate at the standard pricing.

Alternatively, you can have clients pay for their subscription directly. Payment details can be added as the account is created.

For more detail on payment options for advisors see: Licensing and billing

How do I create an admin account?

Creating an admin account is simple! Just create an account using our Basic subscription option here:

Your clients can then invite you to manage their account. Once the invitation has been accepted you'll be able to access their account from your account profile. We've got all the detail here: Creating an admin account

How do I contact PocketSmith support on behalf of my client?

You can contact our Support team at [email protected] for general queries, or, [email protected] for any bank feed issues.

Please include the email address associated with your client's account, and a specific description of the issue encountered. For more detail on PocketSmith support see: PocketSmith Support for financial advisors

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