Advisors: Shared access on a PocketSmith account

PocketSmith's shared access feature - known as Advisor Access - is perfect if you're a financial advisor with permission from clients to access and manage their PocketSmith account. Advisor access gives you shared access without clients having to share their login details.

How it works

Your client can invite you to share access to their PocketSmith account so that you can both manage and perform actions on the one account whilst having separate logins. As an advisor, you will have full permissions and can do all the same account tasks that your client is able to do.

In order to enable Advisor Access, an invitation needs to be sent from the account of the user (the client) to you. Both parties will need to have a PocketSmith account in order for Advisor Access to work. 

You will receive the invitation via email, asking if you would like to accept or decline Advisor Access. Once accepted, you will need to sign in to your own PocketSmith account, where you will now have access to your client's account from your account profile (in the top right corner) under Manage Clients. Your client will be able to see a list of the times you have accessed their account.


You can create a Free account in order to accept Advisor Access on a clients' account, with no need to add any bank accounts or data to that free account.

Please note that if you are using a free account, you will need to first proceed past the Welcome page before being able to accept the invitation/s and manage the account/s (as detailed below Creating a Free Account for Advisor Access)


It's not currently possible for someone with Advisor Access to manage another user's account via the mobile app. You will need to use the Web app in order to make use of this feature.

Instructions for your client: setting up Advisor Access

Here are the steps designed  for your client to invite you (the Advisor) to have Advisor Access on their account. Share these with your client to help them get set up!

  1. Head to Settings Access control
  2. Choose Invite someone from the side panel 
  3. Enter the email address of your advisor and click Send invite 

  4. Your advisor will receive an email from PocketSmith, inviting them to manage your account
  5. The advisor will click on the link in the email to accept your invitation. They will need to have a PocketSmith account set up in order to accept the invitation. There will be another link (" create one here") in the email where they can set up a PocketSmith account if they do not already have one

  6. After clicking to  Accept or Decline, the advisor will be prompted to sign into their PocketSmith account. Once signed in, they will be taken to a page where they will click  Accept invitation 

  7. The advisor will now have access to your account. They just need to log in to their account and head to Settings Account control Account access and click Manage beside your email address.
  8. Alternatively, they can access your account at any time using the  Manage Clients option, from their Profile menu on the top right of their PocketSmith account

  9. When the advisor is managing your account, the profile name will change to  Managing Johnny A [username] They can return to their own account by selecting Stop managing - return to your account from the Profile menu.

Instructions for your client - revoking Advisor Access

Your client should also be shown how they can revoke your access if necessary.

  1. Head to Settings Access control Account access
  2. Select Revoke Access beside the Advisor whose access is being removed 

  3. In the modal that appears, select OK

Creating a Free Account for Advisor Access

If you wish to use PocketSmith solely for the purpose of shared access, you can create a free account, with no need to add any bank accounts or data.

Please be aware, if you have created a new Basic PocketSmith account, you will first have to proceed past the Welcome Page before being able to accept the invitation/s and manage the account/s.

You can simply choose the 'Advanced mode' to move past the Welcome Page and be able to properly accept the invitation/s and manage the account/s:

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