Scheduling Reminders in PocketSmith

Schedule email or mobile app reminders to prompt you to check-in and keep on top of your categorization and budgets in PocketSmith­čô▒­čôž
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PocketSmith's reminders feature allows you to schedule a day and a time to be reminded to do the following tasks within PocketSmith.

  • Reminder to categorize transactions 
  • Reminder to check budgets

You can choose to be reminded by either receiving a notification on your mobile device or by receiving an email.

Setting up reminders in PocketSmith

Head to User Preferences ( Profile menu > User preferences)

Click Reminders in the sidebar, then click Add reminder

Select the type of reminder you want to be scheduled
Choose the date and time for the reminder

Then, select whether you want to receive the reminder via email and/or via the mobile app
Click Save to confirm

Mobile reminders

If you want to get reminder notifications on your mobile device, you will first need to enable notifications from within the PocketSmith mobile app. The following section shows how to do this: Enabling reminders in mobile apps

Timezone used for reminders

The timezone that you have chosen for your PocketSmith account will be used for the date and time of the reminders.

You can change the timezone of your PocketSmith account with the following guide: Changing the timezone of your PocketSmith account.

Enabling reminders in mobile apps

Before you can receive reminders on your mobile device, you will first need to enable reminders from within the PocketSmith mobile app.

Open the PocketSmith mobile app
On the Dashboard, tap the profile button on the top-right
Tap on Reminders
Tap the toggle to enable reminders

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