Is your PocketSmith account set up via enable.me? These accounts work slightly different to our regular PocketSmith accounts!

enable.me's mission is to help their clients get in control of their money, out of debt faster, growing wealth quicker. As an enable.me client, the version of PocketSmith has adjustments made specifically requested by enable.me that enables integration with the NestEgg software as well as the overall enable.me program.

If you have any questions about your enable.me PocketSmith account, please read through enable.me clients - A PocketSmith guide

We've also got some PocketSmith user guides below which are tailored specifically to enable.me clients - check these out! If you still need some help, please reach out to enable.me's support team on [email protected]

Quick Answers

Why can't I edit or change my categories and budgets?

PocketSmith offers the ability for regular users to edit their own budgets and categories, but as an enable.me client your budgets are linked to NestEgg, which means that you must contact your coach if you want to change, create or remove a budget or category.

My bank feeds and accounts aren’t up to date and my meeting with my enable.me coach is soon, what should I do?

We recommend logging in to your PocketSmith account at least once a month to keep your bank feeds up to date. Otherwise - when it comes time to see your coach - your bank feeds may not have been updating in the months or weeks prior.

Bank feed errors are often temporary, but if you're seeing any persistent problems check out our Troubleshooting bank feed errors guide to find out more about the different errors that may arise. If you’re still having trouble, please contact enable.me support team on [email protected]

How often should I check in on my PocketSmith account?

It's best to log in to your PocketSmith account at least once a month to keep your bank feeds up to date. If your bank feed encounters an error, it's often temporary. Please check our guide to Troubleshooting bank feed errors to find out more about the different errors that may arise. If you need to enter additional security information in order for your bank feed to sync, we recommend checking out our article: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on bank feeds.

Are PocketSmith and enable.me's support teams different?

Yes! Because your PocketSmith account is run through enable.me and offers different features to a regular PocketSmith account, enable.me has their own support team ready to help you with any questions specific to the enable.me specific software you are using! You can contact them on [email protected]

Who should I direct my questions to - enable.me or PocketSmith?

We (PocketSmith Support) can help with some support queries relating to your PocketSmith account, however, for any enable.me specific questions, these are best directed to the enable.me support team on [email protected]. If you're still unsure who to ask, you can always send PocketSmith a message and we'll be able to redirect you to your coach or enable.me support if we can't help :)

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