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At PocketSmith we believe in providing people with the best tools to understand their past, present and future finances. Our affiliate program is perfect for bloggers, web marketers, social media influencers and people who share this passion and want to help people create a better future⚡️

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What is the PocketSmith affiliate program?

As a member of PocketSmith's affiliate program, you'll be promoting PocketSmith and are able to earn commissions for every user that signs up via your platform. Our affiliate program is set up to reward our partners (you) with a portion (commission) of the subscription fee paid by a customer that you have referred to us. 

We pay you 20-30% recurring commissions depending on which plan the customer chooses. Our commissions are recurring which means that we pay commissions on all future payments from a customer that you have referred to us. We manage our partner program with affiliate tracking software which records all the activity and sales that you have generated. 

Setting up your affiliate account

To join the PocketSmith affiliate program (if you have not already), head to our sign up page and fill in your details. Once you've signed up for our affiliate program, we'll send you an email to confirm your new account.

Signing in to your account

Once your new account has been confirmed, you will be able to sign in using your email address and password that you registered during sign-up. To sign in, head to the same page you went to when you created your account, and click Sign in the top right-hand corner!

Promoting PocketSmith as an affiliate

As a member of our affiliate program, you'll be promoting PocketSmith and will earn commissions for every user that signs up via your platform. In order for your commissions to be credited to you, it is essential that you use your unique referral link or the provided marketing assets to refer people to PocketSmith.

Using the Referral link

The referral link is your unique sign-up link that you can share. A person clicking on your referral link will then be taken to our plans page where they can sign up to PocketSmith. When someone signs up via this link, it will register in your dashboard within your affiliate account.

Your unique referral link is on the Assets page, just head to the sidebar and select Assets. If you can't see this in your sidebar, select  Programs >  View >  Assets

Using marketing assets

Marketing assets are the banners provided to you by PocketSmith for you to share. These are embedded with your unique referral link. Because the marketing assets that we provide are automatically associated with your unique referral link, a person clicking on one of these marketing assets will then be taken to our plans page where they can sign up to PocketSmith. This will register in your dashboard within your affiliate account.

Assets are provided on the Assets page, just head to the sidebar and select Assets. If you can't see this in your sidebar, select Programs > View > Assets


The easiest and most effective way to promote PocketSmith is to use one of our supplied banner images and/or text available in your ‘assets’ section.

Options for sharing your unique referral link or marketing assets

  • Sharing a post on social media
    You can share one of our banners via social media platforms. To do this, head to the Assets page and select the desired banner. From here you'll have the option to share directly to Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. The first time you choose one of these options, follow the prompts to link the social media account to your affiliate account
  • Note:

    Once the banner is shared to social media the image will be static and your unique referral link will be displayed below the image.

  • Directly from your website
    To place a banner on your webpage you will need to embed the banner code within the web page. We recommend getting your website manager to set this up for you! In this scenario, the banner will be a clickable image that forwards people onto the PocketSmith signup page.
  • Using email or a newsletter
    To use the referral link in an email, you can copy it from the Assets page and paste it directly into the body of an email.

    If you want to insert the banner into an email as a clickable image, you'll need to copy the banner from the Assets page (not the banner code) and manually hyperlink the image. This means the image will be embedded with your referral link. The instructions for hyperlinking an image in an email may vary depending on your email provider.

    Here is an example using Gmail:
    • On the Assets page, select a banner you'd like to use, then right-click the banner and select Copy Image
    • Compose a new message within Gmail and paste the image directly into the email body
    • Head back to your Asset page and copy your unique referral link
    • Head back to Gmail and in the email body, highlight the banner image (until the whole image turns blue) and select the link button from the text edit options
    • Select change from the pop-up menu and then delete any text in the "Web address" field
    • Paste your unique referral link in the "Web address" and click OK
  • Using the referral link on its own
    You can always share your unique referral link without a banner. To do this, just copy the referral link from the Assets page and paste it to your desired location. Alternatively, use one of the quick share options below your referral link:

Earning commissions and tracking your progress

Commissions are credited to you when someone signs up to a paid PocketSmith plan via your referral link (or banner embedded with the referral link). To learn about the commission rates specific to each paid plan, as well as our payment threshold, you can read more here:  PocketSmith affiliate terms and conditions.

Tracking your progress

Once you are actively promoting PocketSmith, all of your key data can be viewed on your Dashboard within your affiliate account. You can also see other in-depth reporting in the panel on the left-side of the screen. Learn more about these areas below:


Your Dashboard will look like this:

Here you will find detailed reporting on how many people have clicked on your link and your commissions.

Program / Assets
This is where you will find your promotional materials (marketing assets such as banners) and your referral link.

This page has details of your subscription sales.

Here, you can learn where your sales have come from.

Details of what you have been paid and when, will show here.

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