Re-importing transactions that have been deleted from an account with a bank feed

By default, any transactions you delete from an account with a bank feed will not be re-imported the next time the feed syncs. However, you may want to change this setting for an account so that any deleted transactions can be re-imported.

Changing settings for deleted transactions

Go to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary)
Navigate to the account you'd like to change the setting for and click MANAGE ACCOUNT

Click on Account preferences

If you would like to re-import deleted transactions from a specific date in the past, select the Bank feed start / import from date you would like your transactions re-imported from

Check or uncheck the option Don't re-import any feed transactions that I have deleted

If the option is checked, transactions you've deleted won't be reimported.
If the option is not checked, transactions you've deleted will be reimported.

Click Save
Click  Manage Account > Check for transactions


If you have deleted any duplicate transactions from the bank feed then these will also probably be reimported with your deleted transactions

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