Unlinking a bank feed from an account

You can unlink a bank feed from an account without removing any previously imported transactions. When you unlink an account you are removing the connection between the account in PocketSmith and the bank feed. This changes the account from a  bank feed account to an offline account on the Account Summary page and transactions will no longer be automatically imported by the bank feed.
You may want to unlink a bank feed from an account if you have closed that account at the bank, or if you are experiencing bank feed issues and would like to temporarily import transactions manually.

In this user guide
Go to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary)
Navigate to the account you'd like to unlink from the bank feed
Under Live bank feed, select Unlink feed account

You will then be asked to confirm that you would like to unlink the bank feed from the account.


Once the bank feed is no longer linked with an account in PocketSmith, it will be shown in the ' Ready to link' section of the Account Summary page. Learn how to hide accounts in the steps below. 

Hiding an unlinked account from the Ready to link section

If you've recently unlinked a bank feed account it will show under the 'Ready to link' section of the Account Summary page. If you wish to hide the unlinked feed account you can do this as follows:

Click GO in the Ready to link section


You'll be asked if you want to link the unlinked feed account to your offline account - click SKIP 


You'll then be asked whether you want to add the unlinked account to your PocketSmith.

Unselect the checkbox beside the feed account and click NEXT to ignore the account:


The account has now been successfully ignored. Click CLOSE to return to the Account Summary

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