Safe Balance quirks and known issues

There are some other things we'd like to highlight for the beta of the Safe Balance beta, which you may be interested in as a tester. We appreciate all feedback on the below points. View the main Safe Balance knowledgebase page here.

1. Roll-overs budgets in Balances

Starting a new budget in the same category isn't taken into account after the Safe Balance has been applied. This is similar to how "roll-over budgeting" would work for your balances - the unspent portion of the old budget still applies to your Safe Balance, even when a new budget starts in the category after today.

So using the previous example, if you had $80 remaining in your Grocery budget, then this would still be applied to your safe balance when the new Grocery budget starts next Wednesday, instead of being removed again.

We're unsure if this is a big enough issue in real-world usage to warrant figuring this out (and it could be a tricky one), so we're leaving it as it is for the moment. We welcome your feedback!

2. Both Actual and Original will appear in tooltips

In the tooltips for your balances (example shown below), both "Actual" and "Original" can appear in the calendar, if your balances are up-to-date as at today. This occurs for debugging purposes while in beta, and you should find that these two numbers are always the same.

3. Assigning transactions now requires additional processing

Assigning transactions to Safe Balance categories now requires that the Safe Balance information of the forecast is recalculated. Though this should be a quick action, further improvements will enhance how this functions. If you notice that categorising has become significantly slower for you as a result of the Safe Balance feature, please get in touch with us.

4. Only repeating budgets will be included

For a budget to be included in Safe Balance, it must have a regular repeat interval. A series of one-off budgets will not work in most cases. We have a lot of background improvements for budget analysis which are on the way however, which would very likely fix this issue. Do let us know if you spot anything odd!

5. No smart defaults for category Safe Balance settings

Nothing clever yet happens to determine whether a category should be included as a Safe Balance category. By default, all categories are included, and we want to improve upon this in some way. Feedback welcome!

6. Categories are hidden from Safe Balance globally

When you hide a category, it's done for all accounts, not on a per-account level. This greatly simplifies how category inclusion in safe balance is processed in the back-end. Do let us know if this is causes you issues; internally, it hasn't been found to be troublesome.

7. No alerts for your Safe Balance

While there are no native alerts for the Safe Balance feature at the moment, the Minimum Balance warning will now function based upon the Safe Balance. Read more about setting up these alerts at, and if you have any ideas about the sort of alerting you'd like to see related to Safe Balance, please let us know.

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