PocketSmith Desktop Apps

Our Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktop apps are currently in beta. This means we're collecting feedback and starting on the path towards PocketSmith being better integrated into your desktop. Let us know what you think by sending us an email to [email protected]
The desktop apps can be downloaded at pocketsmith.com/download

Notes about beta version

Below are some points of note that you should be made aware of as a beta tester.

No auto-update mechanism yet
While in beta, we don't have an automatic updating system for the desktop apps. We hope to have this in place in future versions of the app. 
Windows installer isn't signed
We don't yet have a certificate set up for the Windows installer, meaning you'll see a warning upon installation of the application on Windows. We expect this to be improved in the next couple of releases.
No multiple tab support
We've decided to make the desktop application a single-window experience, and you won't find any tabs like you would in a normal desktop browser accessing PocketSmith. If you're the kind of user that has multiple PocketSmith tabs open at a time, it might be best to stick with a regular web browser.
No deep desktop integration
At the moment, we don't have any additional desktop integrations in place. The desktop application at this point presents an easy way to always have PocketSmith available, right where you last left it - but we'll be expanding on this base as time goes on.

Release Notes



  • Fixing printing on Windows and macOS
  • Removing the printing option for Linux due to issues with the framework
  • Adding native support for Apple silicon
  • Upgrade to the underlying framework
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Updated the underlying framework



  • Added notarization on MacOS for an easier install
  • Updated the underlying framework



  • Updated the underlying framework



  • Fixes for Google and Xero authentication workflows



  • Adding Print functionality
  • External links now open in an external browser
  • Fixes for remembering the last page when the app is quit
  • Updated the underlying framework 



  • First version

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