Restore accounts page

If one or more of your accounts in PocketSmith is in an incomplete state, you will be shown a page like the one below. This page guides you in going through the steps to restoring or remove your accounts.

This help page only applies to when you're being shown a page with the message ' Attention required: restore these accounts'

Why am I being asked to restore accounts?

At some stage in the past, some of your accounts have ended up in an incomplete state. This means that one of two different circumstances has occurred: 

  • The account is no longer associated with an Institution, meaning it won't show properly in the Account Summary
  • The account is incomplete, without its own scenario to enter budgets in 

The first is simple to solve, and your account just needs to be added to an institution. 

The second, however, means you need to consider whether you want to delete or recover the affected account. 

What do the different options mean?

You will see one of two different options, depending on the data that is missing.

1. Account is not assigned to an institution

When you see the below field asking you to enter the institution for an account, it's likely that an affected account will have been grouped and ungrouped previously. The bug would have meant the old institution was not restored when ungrouping.  

Entering the correct institution for the account will mean that it will show correctly in the Account Summary again. 

2. Account is incomplete

If the account is incomplete, you'll see two options - one to restore the account, and the other to delete the account. Just choose the radio button that you want before you click ' Proceed' at the bottom of the page.

When you choose ' Restore', the account will be restored and will have  (restored) added to the account name so you can easily identify it. The account will be assigned to either the linked live feed institution or your first institution.

When you choose ' Delete', the account will be entirely removed, along with its transactions. This action cannot be undone.

What is the account list at the top for?

This will let you view the other accounts that you already have in PocketSmith, so that you can make a decision about whether an account should be deleted or not.  The accounts in this list are already complete and functioning properly.

Often the bugs that lead to the incomplete account are deletion bugs, where the account itself was not deleted. This means it is possible that an account available for recovery is a duplicate of an existing account, meaning it should be deleted. 

When should I recover, and when should I delete?

Most of the time, you can safely delete the incomplete accounts shown to you - but there is no downside to restoring, checking out the data in the account, and deleting the account afterward. If you don't have room in your current plan for the extra accounts, get in touch and we'll temporarily lift your limits so you can fully assess each account.

The bug that most frequently led to incomplete accounts was a failure in deletion of grouped accounts, or some other failure in the deletion process that meant an account was left behind. They could also be old net worth accounts which have since been superseded by new versions.

This means that incomplete accounts listed here wouldn't have been showing in PocketSmith previously - accounts listed won't be any accounts you've used recently on a day-to-day basis.

If in doubt, we recommend that you do a restore on the account, as then you can inspect the data in the account and make an informed decision about whether you want to delete the account. 

Will I have to do this again?

You shouldn't have to ever perform this process again. If you find yourself having to perform this a second time, please get in touch with us and we'll figure out what is going on. 

Help, I totally messed this up! What should I do?

Don’t panic! Please contact support from within PocketSmith, and our team will do their very best to help.

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