Create new scenarios or delete existing scenarios

You can manage scenarios by heading to Organise Accounts & Scenarios in the Settings menu.

Each of your accounts is listed on the left, and all Unused scenarios are shown on the right.

Adding a Scenario

The  Manage menu to the right of each account's box allows you to add a scenario to an account. Hover over the menu and click Add scenario to open the new scenario form.

Enter your new scenario details into the form that appears, including any relevant interest and the starting balance for the scenario. Once complete, click the  Save settings button at the bottom of the form to add the scenario onto the account.

Deleting a Scenario

To delete a scenario, it needs to be a secondary scenario to an account - the primary scenario for an account will be shown in the Organize page as greyed out, with a padlock icon instead of a calendar icon. These are shown below screenshot, with the primary scenario on the left and secondary on the right.

If the scenario you'd like to delete is in fact a primary scenario, you can edit the account to switch the account to use a different scenario as it's primary. Head to the green  Manage menu to the right of the account box, and select  Edit for the account to switch the primary scenario to allow deletion - as shown below - then click the  Save these settings button.

To perform the deletion, hover over the scenario's box on the Organize page, so the green cog appears. Hover over this and choose Delete to go to the deletion confirmation page for the scenario.

Then confirm that you're aware that all budgets within the scenario will be completely removed, and click the  Delete scenario button to delete the scenario from the account.

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