Summary section of the cashflow statement

The 'S ummary' on the Cashflows page, shows the actual and forecasted balances for each month, as well as the actual and forecasted surplus or deficit. 

The Closing Balances are calculated from your account and scenario balances.

The Surplus / Deficit is calculated by the totals in the Income and Expense categories section of the cashflow statement.

Why does your previous months forecast closing balance, not tally with the current month's forecast closing balance?

If you have Live Bank Feeds, the Live Feed constantly updates the calendar balance in order to adjust the forecast based on the user's current bank balance. 
  1. As each day passes and PocketSmith gets updated bank balances, it recalculates the forecast closing balance for the month using the current Live Feed balance and date.

  2. This means that it starts your forecast calculations from the current balance, and not the closing balance for the previous month. 

  3. The formula is: current balance plus or minus budget totals occurring between the current balance date and the end of the month equals closing balance.

Budget amounts on days prior to the current balance date are not taken into account.

Because PocketSmith constantly adjusts your forecast for you while you spend, the actual closing balance of the previous month has increasingly less bearing on the present month's forecast balance over time. 

I don't have Live Feeds and the forecast closing balances still don't match up?

If you have adjusted your scenario balances from the calendar during the month, the cashflow summary will use these to calculate the forecasted closing balance. This will cause the month-to-month forecast totals not to match.

Why does the previous months closing balance plus the surplus / deficit from the current month not equal the current months closing balance?

This is caused by how these are calculated. The account balance is just the total of the closing balances of your accounts.  Whilst the surplus/deficit is just calculated from the categories shown on the Cashflows page, it will not include any hidden categories which may affect the balance (see  How do I hide a category row from my cashflow statement?). The surplus/deficit will also not take into account any balance correction events, which will affect the forecast balance (see  What are the red, green and blue flags on my calendar?)

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