Using secondary scenarios

Each account has a primary scenario for forecasting. You can also add multiple secondary scenarios to model potential outcomes. You can find out more about scenarios here: What is a scenario?

The balance of secondary scenarios doesn't affect the balance of the primary scenario. You will see the cumulative effect of all the scenarios on the overall forecast for the account.


Say I have an account called Transactions with a current forecast balance of $98,040.00. This is made up of the primary scenario balance of $385.00 minus $2345.00 for the  Computers scenario, plus $100,000.00 for the Lotto Win scenario. So if I have won Lotto, my balance will be looking good.

On the 'Calendar' page, when viewing an account, you can select or deselect scenarios to see how the scenario affects the forecast balance of your account.

If I deselect the  Lotto Win scenario from my Transaction account tab, my current forecasted balance is now ($1,960.00)

When viewing All accounts on the 'Calendar page. The forecast balance for your account will include only the scenarios checked on each account. This allows you to see how different scenarios will affect your total forecasted balance.

In this example, if I leave the Lotto Win scenario unchecked. The current forecasted balance for my Transactions account on All accounts will be ($1,960.00). This will be shown on the calendar but the balance on the left sidebar will only be the balance of the primary scenario, which is $385.00.

If I had other accounts, their balances would be added to the Transactions balance on the calendar.

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