Sending business expenses to Xero

Do you use Xero to process your expense claims? You can authorize your PocketSmith account to send expense claims straight to Xero!
If you are an account manager, an employee who needs to be reimbursed for a work expense, or a business owner who uses personal bank cards for work purchases, then this feature is just for you!

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Connecting PocketSmith to Xero


Xero has deprecated their Expense Claims feature and this is now only available to Xero users who had used it in the 6-months before 10 July 2018.

This means that new Xero users, that do not have access to the Expense Claims feature, will not be able to send expenses from PocketSmith to Xero.

Xero has released a new Expenses feature, however, they have not yet released an API that allows PocketSmith to integrate with this feature. We are following the development of the API by Xero and once it is released we will build an integration with the new Expenses feature.

If you have access to the Expense Claims feature within Xero, you will still be able to send your expenses claims via PocketSmith as outlined below.

You will first need to authorize your PocketSmith account with the Xero account that you or your employer uses for expense claims.

In PocketSmith, head to the Settings menu and select Security & Connections .

Select Xero connection from the left menu, then click the Connect to Xero button.

The Xero login page will load, input the login details for the Xero account you'd like to link to PocketSmith
Click Allow access.


If you have multiple organizations within your Xero login, you'll see a drop-down list appear so just select the correct organization from the list.

You will then be taken back to PocketSmith. A list of people associated with your organization will appear, select yourself from the list and click Save user (if a user list doesn't appear right away, click Get users from Xero

You are all set to start submitting expense claims! 🎉

Sending business expenses to Xero

On the Transactions page, click on the transaction that you want to send to Xero as a business expense.
Click the Xero button located on the bottom left of the transaction form. Enter a receipt description, reference and account code. You can also choose to have the receipt submitted for approval immediately.
Once the details are correct, click the Send to Xero button.
Your receipt will now appear in Xero as an expense claim.

Expense claim errors

If an Account Code is applied on the PocketSmith transaction, that has not been flagged in Xero to accept expense claims, then an error will show in PocketSmith: 

"Something went wrong creating your receipt: Account code is not set up to accept expense claims"

For example, you wouldn't want to lodge an expense claim for work drinks against the account code "Advertising".

If you have submitted an expense claim and the error message is returned, it means the Account Code you are trying to use has not been accepted. For the code to be accepted, an administrator will need to log into Xero and enable expense claims against that Account Code as shown in the steps below. If you're not an administrator for your organization in Xero, you will need to share the instructions below with an administrator.

Enabling Expense Claims for an Account Code

Log into Xero, and navigate to Settings > Advanced > Chart of Accounts
Click on the relevant Account Code row to open the Edit window

Ensure that the "Show in Expense Claims" checkbox is selected, and click Save
This Account Code will now be able to be used when submitting expense claims via PocketSmith.

Disconnecting Xero from PocketSmith

You can remove the connection between the Xero organization and your PocketSmith account at any time. This can be done from within either Xero or PocketSmith.

Disconnecting from within PocketSmith

Go to Settings > Security & Connections  > Xero connection
Click Disconnect
You will then see a message confirming that you have been Disconnected from Xero successfully. You can now connect another Xero organization to PocketSmith if you'd like.

Disconnecting from within Xero

Sign in to Xero
Click on your company name at the top left
Head to Settings > Connected Apps
Click Disconnect on the PocketSmith entry

Frequently asked questions

Can I add more than one Xero organization to PocketSmith?

You can only have one Xero organization added in PocketSmith at a time. If you want to send expenses to a different Xero organization, you'll need to  disconnect the current organization before you can add a new one

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